5 Best SIM Racing Cockpits

Best Sim Racing Cockpits of 2024 Breakdown of the Best Sim Racing Cockpits Based on our extensive research, here are the best racing cockpits: The Next Level Racing F-GT racing simulator cockpit is a revolutionary product designed for both formula and GT racing enthusiasts. Its unique design allows users to be in true racing positions, … Read more

The Best Sim Racing Handbrakes: Buyer’s Guide

If your idea of sim racing fun involves rally and drifting, then it’s essential to consider purchasing a handbrake. A handbrake will not only allow you to drive more aggressively, but also tackle tighter turns without losing speed and time. We’ve dug deep into user reviews and product specifications for this popular peripheral in order … Read more

Drifting in with Simagic DS-8X Shifter

Impact-Site-Verification: b353fbeb-cb0e-4dc0-8173-306ad0fbbd77 The key to a fully immersive sim racing experience lies in the authenticity and realism of the gear. One such device that stands out is the Simagic DS-8X Shifter. With its advanced features and realistic feel, it promises an unparalleled racing experience.  The Simagic DS-8X Shifter is a high-quality racing simulator accessory designed … Read more

Drifting Deeper into the Equipment:

Sigmagic Alpha U Let’s take a ride into the world of racing with the Simagic Alpha U, a wheelbase that combines brains and brawn to dominate any racecourse. This sleek beauty not only looks good but also delivers exceptional performance. Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling experience like no other! Its 23 Nm … Read more

The Best VR Headsets for SIM Racing

If you’re into sim racing and haven’t tried it yet with a VR headset, you’re definitely missing out. When you pair a VR headset with your steering wheel, you’ll be immersed in the racing world like never before. We’ve listed the five best VR headsets for sim racing below, based on features, user reviews, and … Read more

The Best Bass Shakers for Sim Racing

Bass shakers are tactile transducers that work in concert with your sound card to provide bass that vibrates through your racing cockpit. The following are the best bass shakers for sim racing! The Top-Rated Bass Shakers for Sim Racing Top Pick: SRS U-Shake6 SIM Racing Studio has stepped up the game with the U Shake6! … Read more

RennSport Cockpit V2 Review for Sim Racing

The RennSport Cockpit V2 is a sim racing cockpit from Fanatec that aims to be as close to an all-in-one solution to your mounting and seating needs as possible. It is an undeniably massive leap over the first iteration of the cockpit, due primarily due to the increased customization options and various refinements and improvements … Read more

5 Best SIM Racing Cockpits

Best Sim Racing Cockpits of 2023 Breakdown of the Best Sim Racing Cockpits Based on our extensive research, here are the best racing cockpits: The Next Level Racing GTTrack is the ultimate cockpit for serious sim racing. Designed with close feedback from professional drivers and some of the world’s fastest eSports drivers, the GTTrack delivers … Read more

The 9 Best Racing Wheel Stands of 2023

If you plan on truly optimizing the ergonomics of your racing simulator, then consider purchasing a racing wheel stand. Following some thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of 2023’s best sim racing wheel stands.  On a tight budget? See our guide to the best cheap wheel stands. Top Pick: Openwheeler GEN2   If you’re not … Read more

The 5 Best Cheap Sim Racing Wheel Stands

Some racing sim fanatics prefer racing stands over full-blown cockpits, but many find that these come at quite expensive price points. It’s for this reason that we’ve searched for the best racing sim wheel stands available in 2023 at an affordable price-tag.  The Top-Rated Cheap Racing Wheel Stands Editor’s Pick Wheel Stand Rating Top Pick VEVOR … Read more

Should You Use a Wheel Stand for SIM Racing?

For anyone who takes their sim racing rig seriously -one of the essential ingredients is a wheel stand. Wheel stands are sometimes standalone products, other times built into a chair or integrated into other hardware, but always built from the ground up to securely keep your chosen wheel at arms’ length comfortably. Today, we’re going … Read more

How to Fix Assetto Corsa Steering Wheel Not Working

Assetto Corsa is one of the most thrilling sim-racing games in the market. It boasts over eighty cars and a handful of special edition models tailored in collaboration with an array of prestigious automotive manufacturers.  Thanks to this, Assetto Corsa reigns supreme in force feedback and offers a realistic feel, especially when paired with a … Read more

The 7 Best Sim Racing Shifters: Buyer’s Guide (2023)

H-shifter in racing simulator

If you want to experience the fun of a manual gearbox while sim racing, you’ll need to invest in a gear shifter. For this article, I’ve rounded up seven of the best sim racing shifters on the market, including both traditional H-style shifters and sequential shifters: A Brief Guide to Shifter Types Before we dive … Read more

The Best Sim Racing Wheels for Every Budget (2023)

Logitech G29 steering wheel for sim racing

The beauty of sim games is the immersion they offer. Few things feel as satisfying as a last corner overtake after a hard fought battle on that one Gran Prix you always have trouble with. This guide will look at the best sim racing wheels on the market right now, what their main pros are, … Read more

DD Pro for PreOrder!

If you’re a fan of the Gran Turismo racing game series, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear that the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro (8NM) Bundle is now available for pre-order. This bundle includes the official Direct Drive force feedback racing Wheel for Gran Turismo, a two-pedal set with Hall sensors, and an ergonomic paddle … Read more

The Best Sim Racing Pedals: Load Cell & More (2023)

Hydraulic pedals for sim racing

After a steering wheel, I’d say that pedals are the single most important peripheral for an immersive sim racing experience. That’s why I’d advise you to spend a fair bit of time researching the different options on the market and find the very best set of pedals you can. Although my opinion has not changed … Read more

Fanatec’s Outlook 2023

At the 2022 ADAC Sim Racing Expo, Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier discussed the future of Fanatec and sim racing. He spoke on Fanatec’s commitment to providing improved performance as well as their dedication to creating an accessible, enjoyable experience for anyone interested in the sport. Thomas Jackermeier stated his happiness while talking to customers, and … Read more

Fanatec 25th Anniversary & Black Friday Deals

Fanatec is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Combined with the holiday season, they are offering some sweet deals on Black Friday 2022. ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted ClubSport Pedals V3 Podium Wheel Base DD2 CSL DD or Gran Turismo DD Pro Boost Kit 180 CSL Pedal Clutch Kit Just to name a few… Check out the Fanatec … Read more