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Revolutionizing the Road: Moza Racing Launches the First Ever Simulator Truck Wheel for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Today, we’re taking a detour from the usual high-speed racing track to the open roads of truck simulators. Picture the comfortable cab of a big rig truck, the thrill of the open road reverberating beneath your wheels, the exhilarating challenge of maneuvering through tricky turns with a massive trailer in tow. That feeling is second to none!

But, could it be made even better? Enter Moza Racing with their game-changing innovation – the first ever Truck wheel specifically designed for simulators. Moza has outdone themselves with their latest offering. 

Let’s delve into the technical aspects and see what makes this Truck wheel a remarkable gaming accessory. First off, the wheel is 36cm in diameter, providing a realistic grip and allowing for smooth handling. The materials used in the construction of the wheel are top-notch, giving you a substantial, durable product that will endure even the most intense gaming sessions. 

The Moza TSW Truck Wheel is internally driven by a precision-engineered belt system, ensuring smooth and accurate force feedback. This, combined with the 900-degree steering rotation range, provides a true-to-life truck driving experience. The wheel is also equipped with adjustable sensitivity settings, providing different levels of resistance. You can customize it to your preferred level, making the drive as challenging or as gentle as you desire.

No stone has been left unturned in the creation of this wheel. Every button, every dial, and every stitch of leather on the wheel has been meticulously crafted for authenticity. All the hallmarks of a well-made steering wheel are present here – tactile feedback, high build quality, and an aesthetically pleasing design. 

Word is (via simracing-pc.de) , MOZA Racing is set to offer truck simulation enthusiasts a thrilling, realistic experience with their upcoming multifunctional product, the Multi-function Stalk. True to its name, the innovative device is said to boasts of 26 unique functions, promising to replicate the authentic feel of an actual truck. This includes essential controls like adjustment options for indicators, lights, and even cruise control, thus enhancing your gaming experience to match real-life scenarios.

In the diverse world of truck simulations, this particular feature feels like an absolute necessity – after all, what’s a truck without a functional indicator lever? The Multi-function Stalk addresses this aspect and several others, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution that optimizes the virtual truck experience. Specifically designed to enhance the MOZA Wheel Bases, this new addition fits perfectly into the broader MOZA Racing ecosystem. Keep a look out for this product as it is said to hit the market in May, perfectly timed to make the most of the increasing popularity of truck simulations. 

MOZA TSW Truck Wheel MOZA TSW Truck Wheel

Experience unmatched realism and precision in truck simulators with Moza Racing's groundbreaking Truck Wheel, transforming gaming into authentic driving adventures.

It is clear that Moza has invested in creating a truly immersive experience for the end-user.

Last Updated on May 8, 2024