RivaTuner and RivaTuner Statistics Server Guide

RivaTuner is one of the most commonly used tools for overclocking. Overclocking is the practice of increasing a component’s clock rate more than certified by the manufacturer. The software has a graphical interface that allows users to tweak certain driver-levels, as such, that it has gained fame, especially among gamers. RivaTuner tool is used to … Read more

The Best Gaming Mouse for Palm Grip

Palm grip is the most common way in which gamers interact with mice, but many gamers are going about this all wrong!  Peak control and accuracy require that you’re using a mouse that’s reciprocal of your grip type – step-up your game by getting a mouse specifically designed to handle like a dream by palm-grippers!  … Read more

The 6 Best Keyboards for Xim Apex

Generations of gamers have been locked in eternal debate as to whether certain games are better with controller or keyboard-and-mouse.  Whereas most PC games have launched with controller support in recent years, console gamers have not been catered to in the same way.  Luckily for them, there’s the Xim Apex, which allows you to use … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bedwars

Bedwars is a super-popular minigame in Minecraft that is rapidly growing in popularity!  As such, many players are seeing value in a technique called speedbridging, which involves butterfly clicking in order to rapidly build a bridge. Rest assured that the absolute best mice for speedbridging are listed below! The Top-Rated Mouse for Bedwars Top Pick: Glorious … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bhopping

Bhopping, or bunny-hopping, is the act of constantly jumping in video games.  In some competitive multiplayer games, bhopping is used as a way of throwing off your opponents’ aim or causing confusion; in some games bhopping even increases your traversal speed, as repeated jumping is more efficient than walking or sprinting!  Though most gamers tend … Read more

The 6 Best CPUs Under $150

You can get a lot of great CPUs for under $250, but you might struggle to find one does everything you want under $150. Fear not as this list covers the best CPUs within that price range! The Top-Rated CPU Under $150 Top Pick: AMD Ryzen 3 3100    If you are looking to build … Read more

The 6 Best CPUs Under $250

The CPU is the most important component of a PC that essentially controls everything – your PSU, GPU and RAM. There are tons of great processors or CPUs out there in the market but this list compares all of them under $250 to ensure that you get the best processor you deserve. If you’re on … Read more

The Best Mouse for Xim Apex

For decades, a war has been waging in gaming communities the world over… Should console players have the option to use a mouse and keyboard for increased control and accuracy?  While gamers argued over the merits of thumbsticks vs. lasers, Xim was hard at work perfecting the Apex, allowing gamers to enjoy the best of … Read more

The Best Nano IPS Monitors

Are you in the market for monitors that have great color contrast to suit your editing needs? You’ve come to the right place as this list covers the best nano IPS monitors in the market. The Top-Rated Nano IPS monitors Top Pick: LG 34GK950F-B    The is one of the most highly rated monitors that … Read more

The Best CPUs For VR

AMD Ryzen 9 CPU for VR

If you’re looking to build a new gaming PC, or upgrade your existing rig, to enjoy your favorite VR games, then you should think about what CPU you’ll be using. VR gaming is more taxing on your system than regular gaming, therefore you need solid hardware to play without problems. Below you’ll find some of … Read more

The 6 Best Cheap Projectors for Gaming

Cheap gaming projector

There are tons of gaming projectors available in the market and choosing from such a wide variety that suits your needs might be a headache. This list eases your next purchase and also features the best projectors for gaming out there. The Top-Rated Cheap Projectors for Gaming Top Pick: VANKYO Performance V630    The is … Read more

GPU Benchmark 2019 – Graphics Card Comparison Chart

A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) benchmark is a test to compare the speed, performance, and efficiency of the chipset. In simple words, it is a snapshot of computers performance. Often one leverages benchmarking software to determine the performance of various hardware components in the computer such as CPU, RAM, and video cards. It is not … Read more

Guide to RivaTuner Alternatives For Windows

RivaTuner is a robust overclocking software that offers a comprehensive set of controls to tweak graphical processing unit(GPU). Overclocking is a practice of safely boosting the clock rate of the GPU without causing damage to the hardware. The freeware program has a graphical interface that makes it easy for gamers to boost PC performance. While … Read more

How to Overclock Your GPU Safely

Overclocking GPU can seem daunting at first, and the fear of messing the computer can shun the idea of even attempting. However, tweaking the graphics card by boosting the clock speed one generation higher than its release is entirely a safe process.  Don’t worry, the computer will not explode by overclocking graphics cards to its … Read more

MSI Afterburner Download and Usage Guide

MSI Afterburner is one of the best graphics card overclocking utility that allows users to get the most out of their chipsets. Overclocking is the process of boosting the clock frequency of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in a bid to make it run at higher speeds than it is manufactured to run. Users do so … Read more