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Guide to RivaTuner Alternatives For Windows

RivaTuner is a robust overclocking software that offers a comprehensive set of controls to tweak graphical processing unit(GPU). Overclocking is a practice of safely boosting the clock rate of the GPU without causing damage to the hardware. The freeware program has a graphical interface that makes it easy for gamers to boost PC performance.

While RivaTuner is a popular overclocking utility for NVIDIA GPUs, it has its fair share of limitations. For that matter, we are listing top 5 RivaTuner alternatives that provide the same-level of tweaking or more.

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is the latest and most advanced GPU overclocking software that enables gamers to push their chipsets to the maximum potential. The software is the best RivaTuner alternative as the same team develops it. The easy-to-use utility provides extensive tweaking options such as memory clock speed, core voltage, temperature gauge, the power limit, and fan speed. The graphical interface is straightforward, and all a user has to do is find the right balance for enhanced performance by increasing the clock frequency and voltage.

MSI Afterburner image

One of the significant advantages of using MSI Afterburner is that it supports all graphics card. With MSI Afterburner, monitoring performance while simultaneously playing games is more comfortable. The in-game FPS counter feature offers users real-time system data on how the chipset is reacting to the gameplay. The features make MSI Afterburner stand out than its competitors.

To even make the program gamer-friendly, MSI Afterburner comes with a supplementary application – Predator, that allows gamers to capture their intense gaming experience. It will enable one to save the video in various formats such as WMV and AVI.

The program also comes with a built-in benchmarking tool dubbed as Kombuster. The program measures thermal performance and stability. For that matter, the software is known as an all-in-one overclocking utility.

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2. NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector is yet another popular overclocking software. Apart from overclocking, many leverages the program to find out vital information about computer hardware. Although built-in Windows component – Control Panel, allows users to view and alter system settings, the NVIDIA Inspector is a fantastic supplement. The NVIDIA Inspector will texture filtering, compatibility info and anti-aliasing information and more. NVIDIA Inspector is the closest alternative for RivaTuner.

NVIDIA Inspector
NVIDIA Inspector image

The tool is ideal for overclocking any GPU as it packs various GPU monitoring parameters such as fan speed and memory clocks. The program is free to use and comes with a clean and easy-to-use software. The program comes in very handy as it provides multiple functions apart from reading hardware details and overclocking. Some of these functions include detecting problems that are occurring in the operating system, such as graphic card issues, unable to read software or even defective drivers.

Another great feature of the overclocking utility is that it comes with a centralized user interface, that makes it easy for gamers to tweak and monitor essential parameters. The software makes it very easy for users to tweak clocks and fan speeds, both of which are crucial when optimizing GPUs. The program is safe to use and is licensed by MIT.

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3. EVGA PrecisionX

EVGA PrecisionX is one of the most potent overclocking utilities in the market. The program fine-tunes GPU and allows tons of configuration options, making it one of the best RivaTuner alternatives. The utility covers all the general parameters such as voltage, GPU clock offsets, fan speed, and more. Overclockers or gamers know the power of EVGA Precision X, and it reflects on its popularity.

EVGA PrecisionX
EVGA PrecisionX image

The robust overclocking utility supports most NVIDIA GeForce cards. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista. Among its main features include frame rate target control, robust monitoring, custom fan curve. The program packs a profiling system, in which one can save up to ten profiles. Gamers can switch between profiles with a custom hotkey.

The latest update of the utility comes with a revamped on-screen display that supports RGB color. Activating the feature is straightforward, and one can click on the monitoring button and then choose the ‘show in On-Screen Display

More so, the EVGA PrecisionX comes with a frame rate limiter that allows gamers to set a specific frame rate target. With the feature, one can limit the framerate to a particular configuration. The software is also capable of limiting power usage in the graphics cards.

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AMD Overdrive is an advanced yet easy-to-use overclocking software that is specifically designed to get the maximum out of your chipset. The program packs an intuitive interface that is easy to grasp even for first-time

amd overdrive
Amd Overdrive image

users. Many compare the utility to the NVIDIA’s nTune that allowed users to monitor and tweak system components. As gamers, one can change the speed at which the fan spins.

The advanced program is only limited to AMD chipsets. One of the main perks of the utility is that it provides a real-time overview of all hardware and allows one to change settings. The program offers single-click tuning option through a slider. AMD Overdrive enables users to configure an extensive range of parameters such as frequency, voltage, etc. In short, one can tweak the overall performance of the chipset. Gamers can also run a stability test before and after overclocking the PC.

Also, the utility comes with a dependable profiling system, where users can create unlimited profiles. Many other overclocking programs in the market allow only a limited number of profiles. One of the main advantages of using the program is that tweaking any setting is very easy and that is one of the reasons why it is popular among gamers.

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Sapphire Trixx

Sapphire Trixx is an advanced utility to get the best out of your GPUs. It is an ideal RivaTuner alternative. The program is safe and straightforward to use even for a novice. Gamers can save custom settings for multiple games. While the user interface may look like it does not do much but the reality is that it can tweak most of the hardware settings. One can configure the speed at which the fan spins dynamically and determine critical information of the GPU.

Sapphire-TriXX image

Gamers can tweak memory clock speed and voltage using its modern and advanced overclocking technology. The best part of the software is that it offers visual feedback on how the new configurations affect the system. The only disadvantage is that Sapphire Trixx only has a limitation of saving custom profiles. One can only save up to five profiles, while its competitors allow unlimited custom profiles

When it comes to setting a fan speed, there is no better overclocking utility than Sapphire Trixx. The suite comes with a one-click fan control gear that allows users to tweak fan speed easily. Users can either choose to keep the automatic setting or user-defined rate. Its other features include color control and system health check.

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The above are the top 5 RivaTuner alternatives that perform the art of overclocking at best. All of the above-mentioned overclocking software is perfect for bringing out the horsepower from hardware for memory-hungry games.

Last Updated on June 15, 2021