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The 9 Best Racing Wheel Stands of 2023

If you plan on truly optimizing the ergonomics of your racing simulator, then consider purchasing a racing wheel stand. Following some thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of 2023’s best sim racing wheel stands. 

Best Racing Wheel Stands of 2023

Our PickWheel Stand
Top PickOpenwheeler GEN2
Runner-UpWheel Stand Pro-Line
Also GreatNext Level Racing Lite
DD-ReadyNext Level Racing DD
Triple MonitorGTR Simulator GTA-F
Budget PickVERVOR G920

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Top Pick: Openwheeler GEN2

Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand

The Openwheeler GEN2 is a highly optimized, adjustable, and good looking racing wheel stand that will leave you unquestionably satisfied.

If you’re not afraid to splurge a little, then the Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand is an excellent option that’s got everything you need in order to have a great sim racing experience in the comfort of your own home. You can customize (and hence optimize) the distance between the seat, pedal board, and wheel stand, the seat has a reclining back, there are multiple positions for mounted pedals, and the wheel stand itself has various adjustable angles, allowing you to mount and position the wheel however you prefer. Another option that we wish were more common in sim racing wheel stands is present here on the Openwheeler GEN2 – there is a shifter mount on each side of the wheel mount, which is great for lefties as well as racers who want to install both a sim racing shifter and a side-mounted handbrake. 

Other than the basic wheel stand, this set comes with a comfortable sim racing seat and all the tools you’ll need to set it up (which is both welcome and uncommon). If you’re looking for a set that will give you everything you need with flying colors, then you’ve found it! It looks good, feels good, and can be customized. After setting this up and racing in it for the first time you’ll notice just how much a great sim racing wheel stand adds to the authenticity of sim racing game driving experience.

Runner Up: Pro-Line Wheel Stand

Pro-Line Wheel Stand

They cost considerably less than the top pick, but don’t let that fool you. These European-made stands can be an incredible purchase.

This may not look as fancy as the Openwheeler, and in many cases, it’s not, but it makes that up in spades with its practicality. The Pro-Line Wheel Stand stands have some of the most sturdy build qualities out there, meaning that it will almost certainly last you a lifetime. It’s also quite customizable, with options to change the inclines of various portions of it, choosing whether to place the shifter on the left or right, changing pedal location and more. 

This last note is the most important one out there: there are a handful of variants of the Pro-Line Wheel Stand designed for use with different sim racing wheels and associated peripherals – make sure you match your wheel up with the corresponding version here in order to make sure you’re ordering the right variant.

The Pro G is made for the Logitech G29/290, G27, and G25. If you’re looking for a stand for those wheels stop here. It’ll be hard to find anything that matches the quality for money that you’d get with this stand.

The Pro F458 offers a very similar solution for users that have an F458 (Xbox 360 version); F458 Spider (Xbox One); T80; T100, RGT; Ferrari GT; F430. 

The Pro TX Deluxe V2 focalizes on the T-GT, T500RS, T300RS (PS4), TX458 (Xbox One), TX Leather, T150, TMX, and TMX Pro. 

The Pro CSL GT2 is compatible with the Fanatec CSL and CSL Elite, the Fanatec CSP, the Fanatec GT2/GT3RS Wheels, and the Fanatec CSR/CSR Elite. 

Also Great: Next Level Racing Lite

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite

Great for those looking for a comprehensive but storable option, the NLR Wheel Stand Lite will often be the right choice for those searching for an all-around safe bet.

Next Level Racing produces a variety of great racing stands, but we chose the Next Level Racing Lite as most worthy of the bronze medal. It has the portability of the “Racer” while also keeping the best features of the “Normal” wheel stand. 

It’s easily and widely adjustable, from the pedal plate to the wheel, it’s shifter-compatible (which the “Racer” is not) and it can easily be upgraded into a full cockpit should you ever choose to go down that road. Moreover, unlike the Wheel Stand Pro line, the NLR Wheel Stand is not machine-specific, meaning that should you wish to change wheel as time goes on, you won’t have to make another purchase. Finally, it is also really easy to fold and store, which can be done in round-about 10 seconds. 

Definitively worth considering should you wish for a portable, great and versatile stand to last you for the future. 

DD-Ready: Next Level Racing DD

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD

This stand is set to hit the market soon, and it promises to focus on being the best direct-drive stand there is.

A caveat: the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD is not out yet. That being said, from the specs we’ve seen so far, this stand is set to take the world by storm. Especially if you’re a fan of either Thrustmaster or Fanatec products. The biggest draw to it is the compatibility with direct-drive wheels. As such this promises to be the most sturdy stand yet on the market, as it will have to withstand the strength of direct drive wheels. It’ll be made (or at least parts of it) in laser-cut carbon steel, meaning that you will be able to brake as hard as your heart desires without risking to move the stand. 

It also supports adding both a shifter and handbrake at the same time and on both sides, tons of adjustability, and its plates come pre-drilled for Thrustmaster and Fanatec peripherals. 

Triple Monitor: GTR Simulator GTA-F

GTR Simulator GTAF-S GTA-F Model

For those looking for a wheelstand that’s pre-built to support a triple monitor set-up, the GTA-F is an excellent choice.

Playing with three monitors compared to one can add to the realism of the game in a myriad of ways. For those who have tried and tested this set-up and don’t want to return to a single monitor, the GTR Simulator GTAF-S GTA-F Model is a great solution. 

A powerful and resistant steel build coupled with a comfortable synthetic leather chair immediately give you the impression of a high-quality rig, and it doesn’t disappoint. The various powder-coated frames will keep your peripherals in place, and the rig steady. It’s adjustable, it’s sturdy, it’s good looking and most important of all: it’s built keeping serious racing sim users in mind. 

This stand isn’t something to purchase if you’re looking for a gift for a casual fan, but more for those who cherish investing time and passion into racing simulators.

Budget Pick: VEVOR G920

A very respectable stand that focuses more on than Logitech Wheels, the VEVOR G920 will have most budget customers very happy with their purchase.


Despite carrying the Logitech wheel name, the VEVOR G920 Stand is designed for a broad range of wheels including all Fanatec models, the G29/290, and Thrustmaster wheels. It offers ample room for clamping just about any wheel not listed. The stand boasts near full-scale adjustability in component heights and angles, catering to individual preferences. It also allows for positioning the gear shifter holder on either side, accommodating right-handed drives.

Constructed from robust materials like carbon steel, the stand has a high-quality feel and finish. Despite its sturdiness, there’s no need to worry about floor damage. The stand can be quickly folded and stored, or if left out, its base is equipped with four non-slip rubber mats that protect your floor while enhancing stability for precision driving. Adjustability, ease of storage, and portability make this a winner for the price.

Most Compact Pick: Playseat Challenge

Playseat Challenge…
  • Unique foldable design allows for use in small spaces, extreme portability and easy storage
  • Relatively affordable, especially considering that a seat is built-in
  • Broad compatibility
  • Powder-coated steel is durable and easy to maintain

The Playseat Challenge is a relatively unique product amongst sim racing wheel stands that has had a rather disruptive effect on the market since its release in 2013 if the number of review scores are anything to go by; the sheer number of user reviews and ratings for the Playseat challenge seem to suggest that it may very well be the best selling product in the category.

Those great sales numbers are quite easy to understand when you look at what this product has to offer and consider the highly reasonable price relative to the robust set of features. First and most importantly, the Playseat Challenge has a form factor akin to what you might be used to seeing in a folding “lawn chair” – like something you might keep in the trunk of your car and take to gatherings where you need to provide your own seating. This type of seat is surprisingly comfortable and conducive to good racing posture – it almost makes one wonder why no one else has thought of designing a wheel stand around this concept.

The Playseat Challenge builds upon the folding chair idea with two big additions: a dedicated wheel stand and a pedal rest, both of which are attached to the seat itself and fold along with the rest of the chair for portability and storage purposes. The wheel stand itself is highly adaptable and conducive to mounting of almost any sim racing wheel base out there, but we advise against using a direct drive wheel with this one due to the lightweight nature of it. Caveats aside, there are tons of verified buyers’ reviews that verify the usefulness of this wheel stand and its ability to stand up to a variety of powerful wheel bases such as the Thrustmaster TX and the Fanatec CSL Elite.

The pedal mount is similarly robust and compatible with all major pedal sets on the market today. The only thing missing from this package is a place to mount a gear shifter, but Playseat does thankfully offer that option as an additional purchase for those whom are effected by this. Once you’ve installed all of your sim racing gear, the seat remains foldable, even with everything installed – which makes this wheel stand ideal for those in small or shared spaces where it’s not always possible to have your sim racing rig ready to roll.

If you’re looking for a sim racing wheel stand that checks all of the boxes in terms of features while maintaining a small footprint, the Playseat Challenge is a great alternative that deserves a close look.

Most Versatile Pick: Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit SXT V2

Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit SXT V2…
  • Ships almost fully-assembled
  • Features adjustable lock-down knobs with plastic bushings, allowing for robust tweaking without any metal-on-metal contact while remaining easily foldable for storage or travel
  • Includes full-length pedal deck, shifter mount and even a cupholder
  • Upgrade options include a racing seat, single or triple monitor / TV stand, handbrake mount and even a keyboard tray

The Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit SXT V2 fits in category of its own, somewhere between basic wheel stands and full-fat sim racing rigs. This rock-solid wheel stand is constructed of steel tubing that is powder coated and fitted with rugged rubber feet so that it can be used on pretty much any surface without shifting or sliding. Unlike most of the smaller sim racing wheel stands out there, this one has a full-length pedal deck, affording room and flexibility to use just about any non-inverted pedal set out there (more on this in a bit). In addition to a wheel mount, there’s also a shifter mount and a cup holder.

While this product may seem to have a rather bare-bones feature set, that’s anything but accurate. This is one of the most adjustable wheel stands available, due to its ability to be folded and the non-stick polyurethane-bushed lock-down knobs which afford the ability to telescope the wheel stand to a comfortable height. The all-steel tubing and plates are finished with a dark great powder coat that is rugged and attractive, and the plastic accents are a racing-friendly shade of red – this is one of the best looking wheel stand designs you’re likely to see.

If all of this sounds like a great deal to you, you’ll be happy to know that it can get even better, assuming you need a bit more versatility from your wheel stands, as this one has options for days due to it’s modular design and host of add-ons. The add-ons range from the highly practical sim racing seat and monitor mounts (available in single and triple varieties), to the immersion-enhancing handbrake mount to the quality-of-life-improving keyboard tray. There’s even an adapter available that allows you to mount inverted pedals, which is an exceedingly uncommon capability amongst sim racing wheel stands.

Things can obviously get quite pricey as option boxes are checked, but the base product is very reasonably priced and we think it’s a great value in terms of what it offers and the flexibility afforded by adjustability and upgrade potential. If you’re struggling with commitment issues, the Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit SXT V2 is certainly one of the wheel stands that should be on your radar.

Budget Versatile Pick: GT Omega APEX

GT OMEGA Apex Racing Wheel Stand…
  • Height and tilt-adjustable wheel stand and pedal rest accommodates the shortest and tallest of seats
  • Constructed of heavy and sturdy x-frame steel, designed to withstand years of heavy and aggressive use
  • Compatible with virtually all racing wheels, pedals and shifters
  • Easy to assemble, fold and store

Lastly, The GT Omega APEX deserves a spot on the list of best sim racing wheel stands due its jack-of-all-trades approach to providing a wheel stand solution that can satisfy the needs of pretty much any sim racer out there – while maintaining a high level of respect for their wallet. The only racers we’d definitely advise to steer clear of this wheel stand are those who use direct drive wheel bases; the GT Omega APEX is relatively rugged and sturdy, but it’s not heavy or wide enough to accommodate the ludicrous levels of torque that a direct drive wheel base is designed to output. Pretty much any one else will appreciate the lightweight and highly adjustable design of this wheel base.

With regards to the adjustability, this foldable wheel stand has a wheel mount that can be not only adjusted to meet the height of your racing seat, but can also be tilted for ergonomic control of your wheels. Thankfully, the pedal plate is similarly adjustable, affording the ability to mount just about any pedal set you might have, and then allowing for adjustment to a comfortable angle where you can have the strongest control of your drive. As that pedal plate is extra-long, this wheel stand is especially conducive to heel-to-toe style driving.

The x-frame design of the steel beams means this wheel stand is extremely sturdy and rugged, which is reinforced by a black powder coat that gives it a great look and improved durability. Rubber feet ensure that a good grip can be maintained on any floor type, the foldable design allows for easy storage and high portability – in addition to the fact that this wheel stand is designed to be quickly and easily taken apart and reconstructed, should you need to store it extremely cramped conditions.

Something else that’s a thoughtful though – the inclusion of a shifter mount that can be mounted not only on either side of the wheel stand’s frame, but features and adjustable arm as well so that your peripheral can be angled for comfort and easy access. GT Omega has a menu of additional accessories available on their site including additional shifter mounts which are also compatible with most handbrakes, keyboard trays, locking caster wheels for even easier storage potential and a rear seat frame for those who want to combine their APEX with a compatible GT OMEGA racing seat.

While there are wheel stands that do most of what the GT Omega APEX does but better, this one definitely does a great job of fulfilling its purpose as a highly versatile and extremely affordable product. If you’ve made it to the bottom of our list without deciding on a wheel stand, you should definitely consider giving it a shot as it will do most of what you need right out of the box and can be easily upgraded down the road.

What to Look for In a Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The most important things to look for in a racing stand are: customization, build quality and compatibility. We’ll go over each step by step, but it’s always best to keep them in mind when deciding whether any specific product is right for you. 


Customization is important because, inherently, we all have different builds. Whether you may be on the taller or shorter side, whether you’re very thin or a bit wider than others, it’s important that the stand provides you specifically the best experience you could have. As such you need to be able to regulate the small things like the distance between your hands and the wheel, the angle at which the wheel is at, whether the shifter is on the left or right and other things to truly get the most out of your wheel stand. 

Build Quality

Build quality is important for multiple reasons. The first is the longevity of the item you purchase. You don’t want to spend your hard-earnt money for the stand to break after a couple of weeks. Similarly, you need a stand that actually stays in place. If, when you push on the pedals, the stand shifts, it’s no good. It will not only make your driving experience frustrating but will also take you out of the game. Which is our last point here: immersion. Having a good quality stand will add to your immersion, as you’ll feel as though you’re inside the vehicle you’re driving. F1 cars don’t feel cheap, your setup shouldn’t either. 


Certain stands have pre-made holes to facilitate compatibility. These won’t always preclude the possibility of using a wheel that’s not meant for that specific stand, but the risk is that you’ll lose the stand’s effectiveness. As such it’s always a great idea to triple-check that your wheel and stand are compatible before making any purchase. 


Wheel stands vary dramatically in terms of their overall bulk, as well as their footprint in your sim racing room. Most basic stands are relatively lightweight and compact, allowing for easy storage and setup. Many larger wheel stands, especially those that incorporate more robust features such as TV and shifter mount, are considerably bulkier. At the farthest end of the spectrum are full-blown sim racing cockpits that not only function as wheel stands, but include racing seats and necessitate a dedicated place to install them as they are not easy to move or store on a whim. It’s definitely important to consider how and most importantly where you intend to use your wheel stand as it will dramatically impact the range of stands that will be a

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