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The 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands for Sim Racing

One thing that every single sim racing fan has in common is a need for a great display solution in order to keep themselves immersed in their game of choice. Three-monitor setups are increasingly common, but the wide array of stands can be hard to parse; we’ve done the legwork to bring you this list of the absolute best triple monitor stands for sim racing.

The Top-Rated Triple Monitor Stands for Sim Racing

The Next Level Racing Free Standing Triple Monitor Stand is a highly versatile triple-monitor mount that can adapt to just about any user’s needs.  Capable of supporting three monitors 32” to 65” in size, the universal VESA mounting design ensures that virtually any displays in that range can be easily installed.

This stand has locking caster wheels for easy mobility and sturdy stability, but also height-adjustable feet for those who prefer a bit more permanence and verticality.  Velcro ties are included for cable management, and an assortment for 24 bolts are tossed-in as well for mounting your screens.

The best bit here is the variety of angles and nuanced adjustments that the stand is capable of making – ensuring that almost everyone will be able to adapt this to their cockpit or rig with ease.  If you’re looking for a one-stop stand, this is the top pick!

The Sandts Racing Fabrication Aluminum Extrusion Triple Monitor Stand may not have the catchiest name or most attractive form factor, but it does take the title of best budget pick for triple monitor stands on the market today.  At half the price of the top pick, it’s certainly worth consideration for those whose needs it fits.

The biggest differentiator between this and the top pick is that the Sandts stand only holds monitors up to 32” inches in size – which is as big as most folks are using, anyway.  It’s also worth noting that this one isn’t quite as adjustable, but it does allow for side angle monitors of 20 to 90 degrees and features slotted VESA plates that allow for easy vertical adjustment without need to remove and remount monitors.

Another luxury you’ll lose is caster wheels, but the lightweight aluminum construction means this stand is relatively easy to move around regardless.  If you don’t mind sacrificing a few quality of life features and don’t have huge monitors, this one is a solid choice.

For Hardcore Gamers
Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen TV Stand

Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen TV Stand

For those who play other games, too

The Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen TV Stand is the best triple monitor stand for those who will be using their setup for more than just sim racing.  In addition to being a standard stand that’s easy to integrate into your sim rig, this one has additional features and considerations that make it easy to recommend for those who have more uses in mind than just sim racing.

Each of the three VESA mounts is supremely adjustable in angle, tilt and height – and supports monitors 26” to 37” out of the box.  Thick steel tubing provides great stability and a rugged black powder coat finish ensures it will look and feel great for many years to come.  There are also some red accents, such as the  non-stick polyurethane bushings that prevent metal on metal contact at points of articulation.

The stand-apart features here are a large back tray that serves a perfect stage for your PC or gaming console, as well as the angled berth that allows for a cockpit to sit underneath it – or even a small gaming desk.  If you want a sleek and sturdy mount for gamers of all sorts, go with this one.

Most Immersive
GT Omega Stimulator Triple Monitor Stand V3

GT Omega Stimulator Triple Monitor Stand V3

Puts the monitors as close as you’d like

The GT Omega Racing Simulator Triple Monitor Stand does the absolute best job of putting you in the action by bringing the monitors as close to you as needed to provide a perfect immersive sim racing experience.  Much like our luxury pick, this stand is tall and wide to allow for use with just about any cockpit out there.

Where this stand differs is in its approach to getting close – each VESA mount is on its own independent arm.  This allows for ultimate flexibility and adjustment, but has the downside of only supporting monitors up to 24” each.  This all-black stand looks fairly plain, but it does have nice additional considerations such as speaker mounts and a tray to hold your PC or console.

Some users state that despite its mostly-steel construction, this stand’s arms are a bit soft when under load – but that’s very easy to compensate for due to the supremely articulable nature of them.  The kicker here is that this mount is much closer to a budget price that our luxury pick is, so this will be a great choice for many who don’t mind making a few small tradeoffs in pursuit of sim racing glory.

Luxury Pick: Ricmotech AP-Xtreme Triple Monitor Stand

High tech comes at a high price

The Ricmotech AP-Xtreme Triple Monitor Stand comes at quite a premium, but offers some enticing features that will make it the top selection for many of our readers.  The biggest and best thing about this stand is its super-wide 40-inch base and up to 42’ vertical clearance that allow for it to straddle just about any sim racing cockpit out there, ensuring that you can bring your monitors up close.

That proximity allows you to get smaller monitors and save more on those displays than you’re spending on the stand itself, and the stand asserts itself further as being designed like this with its support of monitors up to only 27”.  This super tall boy is made of ultra lightweight aluminum and features HD polyethylene weight distributing feet.

This black and silver mount looks really good and will blend well with just about any racing rig.  Also included in the box are three VESA SnapMount brackets, ensuring easy installation.  If you want the highest-tech triple monitor stand out there, you’ve found it.

What to Look for in a Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing

Not all triple monitor stands are alike; these are the important variables to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect multi-monitor mount:


No TV stand is good for anything if you can’t get the displays right where you want them, and that’s especially true with regard to sim racing.  Minimum and maximum height are the most important considerations in this regard, but also adaptability to different sizes of monitors and an ability to mount them at angles is important in some situations.  Don’t be afraid to get out some measuring tape to ensure you know what you need to be shopping for!

Number of Monitors

While we’re obviously focused on three-monitor stands today, you may want to consider the possibility of upgrading in the future.  Some stands are expandable to five or even seven monitors, so it’s worth grabbing one of those now in order to save yourself some trouble and money down the line.


The stands on this list are all capable of standalone use, while some are also designed to be mounted to some racing rigs.  While most manufacturers of cockpits either build TV stands into the kits or offer them as optional upgrades, each stand we listed here can be used with the most basic or elaborate setups imaginable – making them ideal for those who want the freedom and flexibility that affords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a triple monitor stand for sim racing:

How many monitors should you use for sim racing?

While the law of diminishing returns certainly comes into effect at some point, we think that most sim racers find a triple-monitor setup to be the sweet spot between immersion and cost.  We recommend checking whether your sim or game of choice supports multi-monitor setups, then searching related forums to see how your peers feel about the display support.

Last Updated on July 9, 2021