The Best Monitors for Sim Racing

Racing simulator with triple monitor setup
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If you’re in need of a monitor for sim racing, then you need something that will keep up with the fast-paced speed and high-quality graphics. We’ve reviewed 10 of the best monitors for exactly this, so that you can find the right choice for your requirements.

The 5 Top-Rated Monitors for Sim Racing

Editor's PickMonitorScore
Best OverallTriple AOC C27G1 27
Budget PickSingle Dell S2719DGF 27
Luxury Triple MonitorTriple LG 32GK650F-B 32
Best UltrawideMSI MPG341CQR 34
Best TelevisionLG OLED55C9PUA 5589%

Best Overall: Triple AOC C27G1 27″ 1080p

AOC C27G1 27-Inch 1080p Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

With a 144Hz refresh rate, this frameless monitor offers the best value for money for a triple screen setup

This AOC C27G1 model monitor is designed to be the perfect option for gaming. With a 27-inch screen with extra narrow borders, you will have the cleanest and most unobstructed view of the game.

The slim design is made to be used for multi-monitor set up which is an option that works great for lots of different games, and it has an adjustable stand so you’re able to have it at the perfect height for the size of the room its in. This monitor is VESA compatible for use with many different mountings.

It also has a 1-year damage coverage and a 3-year warranty for added protection. 

Budget Pick: Single Dell S2719DGF 27″ 1440p

Dell S2719DGF 27-Inch 1440p Gaming Monitor

For a more affordable choice, this 1440p Dell monitor is a great single screen setup

The Dell S2719DGF is a gaming monitor with image quality that will blow you away. The 3.69 million pixels, which is twice as much as HD, give you the best picture and the AMD free sync offers amazingly smooth actions. This monitor has a fast response time of 1ms so you don’t get distracted by lagging.

The crisp resolution and thin-edged borders give you the most gaming visuals, and for the low price compared to other options, you just can’t beat it. This option also lets you customize your system by offering three presets for gaming profiles. 

Luxury Triple Monitor: Triple LG 32GK650F-B 32″ 1440p

LG 32GK650F-B 32-Inch 1440p Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

If you’re willing to splurge a little, this 32″ monitor makes an ultra-immersive triple screen setup

The LG 32GK650F-B monitor is a curved-screen choice that works great as a part of a triple monitor system. With high QHD resolution, you will be able to see your Sim Racing visuals as clear as can be.

The Radeon FreeSync technology helps to reduce the tear or stutter that could occur so that you have the smoothest movements while playing the game. This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hertz, which is about twice as much as other options, and the black stabilizer works to improve the depth and darkness of the black shades on the screen. 

Best Ultrawide: MSI MPG341CQR 34″ 1440p

MSI MPG341CQR 34-Inch 1440p Non-Glare Curved Gaming Monitor

This ultrawide monitor is the perfect choice for a more expensive single screen setup

The MSI MPG341CGR is a 34-inch monitor that has a non-glare feature that keeps pesky sun rays from causing you to be unable to see the game clearly.

The high UWQHD resolution will allow even the tiniest details of the game to be seen with intense clarity and the 1ms response time will reduce the occurrence of lagging and choppy timing frames.

The HDR 400 provides you with great graphics and visuals so you can be fully immersed in the game, and with this screen apart of a double or triple set up, you won’t ever miss a thing.

Best Television: LG OLED55C9PUA 55″ 4K TV


This LG boasts ultra-low input lag, which is a must for sim racing on televisions

The LG OLED 55C9PUA Smart TV is a premium option that comes with many great features and uses. Most importantly, this TV has incredibly low input lag, giving you the most responsive sim racing experience.

The TV has advanced imaging that keeps the picture crystal clear and NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility that ensures that your screen has the deepest blacks and most vibrant colors in every scene.

The high resolution allows you to play games with high-quality graphics without it looking grainy while you move and also is compatible with WISA speakers for the best sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of monitor should I get for sim racing?

    For this game, the best option would be a triple screen setup if you are able to afford it. Having an ultrawide TV or monitor would be the best option for every screen, and you will want one that is 27 inches or larger if possible. Any smaller than that would be difficult to use in certain views during the game.

  2. What size screen should I get?

    The size of your monitor will largely depend on the distance you are from the screen when playing. It can also depend on what view you are in and what cockpit you have. If you are using a single screen then 34 inches is better, but for the triple screen, you will only need a 27-inch or so.

  3. Is a 1080p monitor good enough for sim racing?

    You can use a 1080p monitor if that’s all you have, especially if you have a triple monitor setup, but the visuals can look grainy on a single monitor. If you are able to afford it by saving up, then opting for a 1440p is the best option for the greatest picture.

  4. What refresh rate do I need for sim racing?

    In order to play sim racing, you will want a 144hz refresh rate for your monitor because any lower would reduce the quality of the graphics. This is even more noticeable during fast movements and when turning. For a game that is fast-paced, you will likely get frustrated after a while. 

  5. Can you use a TV for sim racing?

    Actually, yes. However, just because you can use it, doesn’t mean it will be a great option for gaming. TVs may work great for movies, but for fast-paced games with constant movements at high speeds, you will probably see quite a bit of input lag if you’re not using a TV made for gaming.  The same applies if you want to use a projector for sim racing.

  6. Is VR better than a monitor or television for sim racing?

    The answer to this question is an overwhelming yes. A good VR headset makes the entire sim racing game more immersive and gives you an experience that other forms just can't compete with. Plus, for gamers who need to stick to a budget, getting a VR system is cheaper than a triple screen setup.

Other Monitor Setups We Reviewed

We looked at 5 other sim racing monitor setups. Even though they didn’t make our top 5 list, they’re still some of the market’s best.

Ultrawide Monitors for Sim Racing

Acer Predator X34 34-Inch 1440p Curved Gaming Monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync

  • 1440p resolution 
  • G-Sync compatibility
  • Curved for immersion

This ACER Predator ultrawide monitor is a good option for those looking for an alternative for our top five. With a curved display, you will get the best angles for gaming to make it more immersive, and the 1440p resolution will keep your eyes mystified with the incredible graphics.

With G-Sync capabilities, this monitor has some of the best visuals and resolutions that money can buy so you can see the rich, dark blacks and the bright colors contrasted perfectly on the screen.

This ultrawide screen is great for sim racing because it offers more screen surface than regular options.

VIOTEK GN35DA 35-Inch 1440p Curved Gaming Monitor with FreeSync

  • 144Hz
  • G-Sync Compatible 
  • FPS/RTS display optimization 

This VIOTEK GN35DA 35-inch monitor is a 1440p option that will give you one of the best resolutions for gaming. With a curved screen, 144Hz, and the ability to overclock the monitor up to 200Hz, you will get all you need out of this screen.

This monitor is also G-Sync compatible which allows you to have the smoothest performance even at times when you are moving the fastest.

This option also comes with a 3-year warranty that’ll cover you in case of accidental damage or manufacturer’s defect. 

Televisions for Sim Racing

Samsung QN65Q70RA 65-Inch Q70 QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

  • Over a billion shades of color 
  • 4K Quantum Processor 
  • Quantum HDR 8X

This Samsung Q70R QLED TV works as a good option for Sim Racing with its 65-inch option that comes with over a billion shades of color which are made possible by quantum dots. This resolution has four times as much as an HD screen and shows the clearest picture you can get.

Both the quantum 4K processor and the HDR 8X work to upscale whatever content to 4K on the screen and enhance the color to show the darkest blacks and brightest colors.

There is even an ambient mode for when you’re not playing which will turn the blank screen into a picture worth looking at.

This Samsung RU7100 LED TV is a 4K screen that will blow you away. With the 4K UHD processor, your TV will have near-perfect performance and the HDR will give the screen the most detailed and colorful look you can get.

The Smart TV component gives you the option to use the TV for watching movies, streaming, gaming or internet use with ease and the modern and slim design allows you to easily fit it on top of your desk or table.

The PurColor resolution provides brighter imagery with colors that other TV can’t produce and the deepest blacks possible.

TCL 55R625 55-Inch 4K QLED UHD Smart TV

  • QLED technology 
  • Smart TV 
  • 4K Ultra Picture 

This TCL 6 Series R625 model comes with everything you need for the best gaming experience. With 65 inches of screen surface, you will get the most out of the QLED technology that delivers realistic-looking vibrant colors and rich, deep blacks.

As a Smart TV option, this screen can be used to stream just about anything and provides clear pictures for even the fastest moving games.

The Full-View design allows you to have a bigger viewing surface and the auto game mode improves the smooth action so that you can use it for gaming whenever you want.

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