The 5 Best VR Headsets Under $200

While many high-end VR headsets are hard to find and selling at inflated prices, a lot of mid-range sets are flying under the radar, which is great for you if you want to save some cash!  The following are the best VR experiences that can be had for under $200. The Top-Rated VR Headsets Under … Read more

The 5 Best VR Headsets Under $300

It’s hard to believe how far virtual reality has come in a few short years!  From improved displays, controls and tracking – not to mention innovations in movement and sickness reduction – VR is well on its way to mainstream adoption.  Perhaps most importantly, prices have decreased to the point that great headsets are now … Read more

The 6 Best VR Headsets For DCS

VR Headset for DCS

If you are looking to buy a new VR headset to enjoy a more immersive gameplay in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), then this article is here to help you. Below you will find some of the best VR headsets that will enhance your overall DCS experience. The Top-Rated VR Headsets for DCS Top Pick: HP … Read more

The 7 Best Headphones for Oculus Rift S

Headphones for Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S is a great VR headset that ships with less-than-great audio.  Use the included tool to remove the factory headphones, then replace them with one of these user-approved sets! The Top-Rated Headphones for Oculus Rift S Top Pick: Skullcandy Crusher    The are the perfect compliment to your VR experience as they offer … Read more