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Thrustmaster TMX Pro: Best Cheap Racing Wheel? (Review)

The Thrustmaster TMX Pro promises many noticeable improvements over other beginner racing wheels, which is why it tops our list of the best cheap racing wheels. Today, we’ll look at what makes the TMX Pro such a great buy, and who should consider opting for it.

About the TMX Pro

The TMX Pro wheel promises to be a high-quality entry point for beginners to the world of racing sim peripherals. It comes bundled with a set of high-quality pedals but overall remains quite affordable. If you want an in-depth comparison with the Logitech G29/920 (the wheel with which it’s often compared), check out this article.

Features & Benefits

Let’s dive into some of the features and benefits of the TMX Pro that make it an attractive choice for new sim racers.

Solid Force Feedback

The TMX Pro makes use of a mixed belt and gear system to deliver force feedback. This means that, especially when compared to systems that only make use of the gear system (which are a large portion of beginner wheels), it’s of quite high quality for a beginner wheel. The steering will feel smooth while at the same time delivering powerful and engrossing force feedback. This is particularly impressive if this is one of your first purchases in terms of wheels. 

Good Rotation Range

While not exceptional, the 900° rotation range of the TMX Pro gives it all the realism one could reasonably hope for at such a modest price range. You’ll never feel as though you need to compensate for what the wheel cannot deliver. All in all the TMX Pro passes this important checkpoint quite well. 

Great Pedals

Although not technically part of the wheel, considering the fact that they come as a bundle, they should be given a quick consideration. The T3PA (the pedals) are fantastic, so much so that they were featured in our guide to the best sim racing pedals. They come with progressive brake pressure simulation, have 4,096 unique pedal positions, and come with a clutch pedal (not something to bat an eye at when considering bundled pedals). If the TMX Pro is your first wheel these will also likely be your first pedals, and they’re a great starting set. 

Build Quality and Design

Build quality is where the TMX Pro falls perhaps a little short. It measures 11 inches (28cm) in diameter and is made from hard plastic with rubber-coated grips. It’s not a bad build per se, but it’s a bit disappointing considering that comparable wheels can have steel bodies and leather covers. Its design isn’t award-winning either, mainly due to the aforementioned plastic. These should not, however, be your first concerns when purchasing this peripheral though. 


Cost is another great selling-point of the TMX Pro. Despite the fact that it comes with a relatively advanced form of force feedback for a beginner wheel, it comes at a lower price tag than many of its competitors. Incredibly it often comes at a lower price than the TMX, the less potent of the two wheels. This is likely due to the aforementioned plastic, but it’s a welcome trade-off. Few wheels can boast of a better price-quality ratio than the TMX Pro. 


There are a couple of alternatives you should definitely consider if you are looking at buying the TMX Pro:

Logitech G29/920

Logitech G29/920

The Logitech Driving Force G920 is another popular Xbox wheel, although we think we prefer the Thrustmaster

The Logitech G29/920 remains a staple in the steering-wheel community thanks to its beautiful design, powerful force-feedback, and because it often goes on discount. To determine which is better for you, find our comparison here

Thrustmaster T300

Thrustmaster T300

If you’re on PC, you have the luxury of choosing from Thrustmaster’s wide line of PlayStation-oriented wheels, including the fantastic T300

This is just barely a beginner wheel, as the T300 is perhaps a notch above the competition. It has a brushless force feedback motor, rotates to 1080°, and is officially licensed by Ferrari to give you an 8:10 replica of what you would feel when driving a 599xx EVO. Needless to say, it’s also more expensive, but if you’re looking for a step up from the TMX Pro then give this wheel a look. 

Thrustmaster T150 

Thrustmaster T150 

The T150 is also a PlayStation-focused wheel with PC support, although it comes in a little cheaper than the T300

If you came here looking for a solid beginner’s wheel for your PlayStation but were disappointed to learn the TMX Pro isn’t supported, then the T150 is for you. It has a better rotation range (up to 1080°), good and adjustable force feedback, and it looks pretty too! It too comes with an included pedalboard, but it’s not as good as the T3PA. Nevertheless, if you’re a beginner on a PS4, the T150 is a good choice. 


Getting a good wheel is imperative when upgrading from a controller. This is not only because you’ll need to be able to have control over what you’re doing, but also because you should and need to have realistic feedback. You should aim for precision and unfettered immersion. The TMX Pro is thus a great beginner’s wheel for precisely these reasons. It accomplishes all it sets out to do admirably and, despite a few shortcomings, is a product we recommend. Obviously, before making any sort of purchase you should remember that everyone’s experiences are different. For this reason, we recommend that all beginners always look up whatever they plan on purchasing. The same goes for this fantastic product. 

Last Updated on April 19, 2021