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Thrustmaster T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Ultimate Comparison

Thrustmaster has been in the business of making great gaming peripherals for decades. The T3PA and T3PA Pro are two of Thrustmaster’s best sim racing pedals, but which set is better?

Although the regular T3PA offer great value for money, we think the T3PA Pro are a far better choice for most sim racers. They are built entirely out of metal and are far more customizable with both F1 and GT pedal setups.

T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Technical Specs

WEIGHT7.5 lbs20.2 lbs
PEDAL STYLESOne (F1)Two (F1 and GT)
MATERIALSMetal and plastic100% Metal

T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Build Quality

The T3PA is a well built pedal set, featuring all-metal pedals, pads and internal mechanisms – but the casing and footrest are plastic.  While it doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile by any stretch of the imagination, it is rather lightweight for a pedal set and requires mounting – or a light touch – in order to be used without sliding around.  

The T3PA Pro is 100% metal, and as such is dramatically heavier – almost triple the weight of the T3PA.  This set looks and feels dramatically more durable, but it’s worth noting that despite the increased weight – you’ll want to mount these pedals, especially if you intend to use them in GT configuration.

Both of these sets have been around for a few years now, and they have definitely withstood the test of time; there don’t seem to be any widespread issues relating to quality control, compatibility or regular usage.  Perhaps the biggest “complaint” you’ll find when researching these pedals is that some users state that the Pro model needs to be cleaned of dust and debris occasionally due to the open-back design – but none of those users seem to regret the purchase!

Winner – T3PA Pro

T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Performance

These pedals are fully compatible with all modern Thrustmaster wheel bases, and represent a considerable upgrade for all sets that don’t already come with the T3PA.  Whereas the input mechanism of some other manufacturers’ pedals are onboard, Thrustmaster leaves the heavy lifting to the wheel base – so there’s no need to fret over input resolution here.

Both of these sets feature considerable options for adjusting the height, angle and pitch of the pedals – and both include mod options for the brake pedal (one with the T3PA, two with the Pro) for tweaking the feel and required braking force.  Further mods are available both from Thrustmaster as well as third-party manufacturers.

As we stated in the previous section, both of these pedal sets have been around for a considerable amount of time and it’s probably best to say that they’re both overperformers – but the increased quality and customizability of the Pro model does translate to better performance.

Winner – T3PA Pro

T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Design

The T3PA is relatively standard fare in terms of sim racing pedals, if not at the higher-end of said classification.  While the set is always going to be used in the F1 (standard) position, the array of tweaks and mods on offer allow for considerable customization.  Furthermore, the archetypal design does extend to aesthetics, and equates to a truly classic design that doesn’t stand out nor offend.

The T3PA Pro has a decidedly industrial design that is largely attributable to the fact that it is designed to be used in F1 or GT (inverted) positions – and us such must be somewhat more modular in aesthetic.  Form is perhaps a secondary consideration with the pro model, and users will appreciate that no expense has been spared in pursuit of extreme functionality and versatility.  

The most important consideration when using any pedals – in games or in real life – is functionality, and both of these sets are built to function well for a long time.  The improved design of the Pro model can’t be denied, but the standard set is nothing to scoff at in this regard.

Winner – T3PA Pro

T3PA vs T3PA Pro: Other Considerations

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that the Pro model is a dramatically better set of pedals – and you would be correct in making that assertion.  However, the Pro model is dramatically more expensive, and the extra cost will be hard to justify for all but the most serious of sim racers – for whom we do wholeheartedly recommend the T3PA Pro.

Casual racing fans, those with a tight budget or even folks who simply don’t need the versatility offered by the pro model will still be very happy with the stock T3PA pedal set.


The Thrustmaster T3PA is a solid set of pedals, but the T3PA Pro pedals are simply too good to refuse, due to better build quality, adjustability and customization options. If you’re considering picking a set up, also check out our comparison between the T3PA Pro and Fanatec CSL Elite.

Thrustmaster’s T3PA Pro are the best upgrade for sim racing fans with a Thrustmaster base

– 100% metal construction

– Superior adjustability

– Can be used in F1 or GT positions

Last Updated on April 22, 2021