The 5 Best OLED Monitors: Ultimate Guide

OLED monitors don’t rely on any backlighting that allows for accurate color reproduction and also deeper and darker black shades. It also allows for little to no ghosting which would only come in handy for your gaming adventures. This list covers the best OLED monitors you could possibly buy. The Top-Rated OLED Monitors Also check … Read more

The 6 Best RGB Case Fans: Ultimate Guide

RGB case fan

Airflow is a very important thing when it comes to building a PC as it can improve performance without compromising on the life span of the components. This list compares the best RGB case fans available in the market so that your PC can perform better while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The Top-Rated RGB Case Fans … Read more

The 6 Best CPUs For VR: Ultimate Guide

AMD Ryzen 9 CPU for VR

If you’re looking to build a new gaming PC, or upgrade your existing rig, to enjoy your favorite VR games, then you should think about what CPU you’ll be using. VR gaming is more taxing on your system than regular gaming, therefore you need solid hardware to play without problems. Below you’ll find some of … Read more

The Best RivaTuner Alternatives For Windows

RivaTuner is a robust overclocking software that offers a comprehensive set of controls to tweak graphical processing unit(GPU). Overclocking is a practice of safely boosting the clock rate of the GPU without causing damage to the hardware. The freeware program has a graphical interface that makes it easy for gamers to boost PC performance. While … Read more

How to Overclock Your GPU Safely

Overclocking GPU can seem daunting at first, and the fear of messing the computer can shun the idea of even attempting. However, tweaking the graphics card by boosting the clock speed one generation higher than its release is entirely a safe process.  Don’t worry, the computer will not explode by overclocking graphics cards to its … Read more

RivaTuner and RivaTuner Statistics Server Guide

RivaTuner is one of the most commonly used tools for overclocking. Overclocking is the practice of increasing a component’s clock rate more than certified by the manufacturer. The software has a graphical interface that allows users to tweak certain driver-levels, as such, that it has gained fame, especially among gamers. RivaTuner tool is used to … Read more