The Best Gaming Mouse for Claw Grip: Ultimate Guide

Most gaming mice are designed with palm grips in mind. Very few are explicitly designed for claw grip, and fewer still of the palm-centric models are especially conducive to claw grip.  That being said, there are enough on the market now that everyone has quite a few choices to consider!  Without further ado, these are the … Read more

The Best Gaming Mouse for Palm Grip: Ultimate Guide

Palm grip is the most common way in which gamers interact with mice, but many gamers are going about this all wrong!  Peak control and accuracy require that you’re using a mouse that’s reciprocal of your grip type – step-up your game by getting a mouse specifically designed to handle like a dream by palm-grippers!  … Read more

The Best MOBA Mouse: Ultimate Guide

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, more commonly known as MOBAs, have rapidly become a favorite genre of casual gamers and pros alike.  One thing both groups of players have in common is an ever-increasing thirst for more-specialized mice to meet their unique needs; thankfully, mice manufacturers have been keeping pace!  The following are the best … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bedwars: Ultimate Guide

Bedwars is a super-popular minigame in Minecraft that is rapidly growing in popularity!  As such, many players are seeing value in a technique called speedbridging, which involves butterfly clicking in order to rapidly build a bridge. Rest assured that the absolute best mice for speedbridging are listed below! The Top-Rated Mouse for Bedwars Top Pick: Glorious … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bhopping: Ultimate Guide

Bhopping, or bunny-hopping, is the act of constantly jumping in video games.  In some competitive multiplayer games, bhopping is used as a way of throwing off your opponents’ aim or causing confusion; in some games bhopping even increases your traversal speed, as repeated jumping is more efficient than walking or sprinting!  Though most gamers tend … Read more

The Best Mouse for PUBG: Ultimate Guide

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, stormed onto the gaming scene in 2017 and changed the entire industry overnight!  PUBG’s unique competitive-shooter-in-a-sandbox formula spawned the battle royale genre, and today maintains a massive playerbase on virtually every modern gaming platform! Of course, hardcore gamers will continue to swear that the PC version is … Read more

The Best Mouse For Elbow Pain: Ultimate Guide

If you are suffering from constant pain in your elbow (commonly referred to as tennis elbow), switching to an ergonomic mouse is one of the first things you need to do. While ergonomic mice are often designed to relieve all kinds of discomfort, including finger, hand, and joint pain, we’ve dug deep into which specific … Read more

The Best Mouse For Finger Pain: Ultimate Guide

When using a computer mouse for long periods of time, you will be inevitably clicking a lot which can cause pain in your fingers and lead to conditions such as mouse finger or trigger finger. The solution to these problems is an ergonomic mouse. Although there are different kinds of ergonomic mice, designed to tackle … Read more

The Best Mouse for Xim Apex: Ultimate Guide

For decades, a war has been waging in gaming communities the world over… Should console players have the option to use a mouse and keyboard for increased control and accuracy?  While gamers argued over the merits of thumbsticks vs. lasers, Xim was hard at work perfecting the Apex, allowing gamers to enjoy the best of … Read more

The Best Zowie Mouse for CSGO: Ultimate Guide

BenQ’s Zowie line of gaming mice have won over competitive and casual gamers by providing no-frills gaming mice that feel perfect, look clean and professional – and are built to last.  The CSGO community is especially fond of this manufacturer’s offerings, and regularly debate just which of these mice is best – and why!  Zowies … Read more

The Best Mouse For Hand Pain: Ultimate Guide

Traditional mice tend to keep your hand in an unnatural position over long periods of time and cause hand pain, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The best solution to this problem is to purchase an ergonomic mouse, which can also help with elbow, finger, and joint pain. In this article you will … Read more

The Best Mouse For Joint Pain: Ultimate Guide

If you’re working with computers for long hours and are suffering from arthritis, or joint pain in general, then using an ergonomic mouse is one of the first things you should do. Not only will they ease your joint pain, they’ll also help if you’re suffering from elbow, finger, or hand pain! The Top-Rated Mice … Read more