T3PA Pro vs CSL Elite (LC): Ultimate Comparison

Today we’ll be comparing some of the best racing pedals from two leading manufacturers:  the Thrustmaster T3PA Pro and the Fanatec CSL Elite.  This comparison might seem relatively straightforward at first, but it’s actually quite the challenge to nail down which of these is a better product. The CSL Elite is an especially nuanced product … Read more

The 7 Best Load Cell Pedals: Ultimate Guide

Sim racing has gone from a small niche in PC gaming to a huge hobby for many gamers in recent years, thanks to increasingly great games, VR and specialized hardware. Load cell sim racing pedals are among the most essential peripherals for sim racing, and this guide has been carefully crafted to help you find … Read more

The 5 Best Laptops for Sim Racing: Ultimate Guide

Sim racing enthusiasts take their gaming rigs very seriously, and the demands of such games keep getting more and more serious and it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff!  Not to worry; the following are the best laptops available for simracing! The Best Laptops for Sim Racing Top Pick: Acer Predator Triton 500 … Read more

The 5 Best Joysticks for War Thunder: Ultimate Guide

War Thunder is a great military action game that’s been running strong for over 8 years, yet recently added cross-platform support for gamers across PC and consoles.  If you’re a PC player who wants to have a more immersive experience or simply want to have an even greater upper-hand when dealing with the console peasants, … Read more

The 5 Best PS3 Controllers: Ultimate Guide

Sony’s third-generation PlayStation console is widely regarded as one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time; its staggering collection of first and third-party titles is arguably unmatched in its scope and quality to this day.  Playing these games still requires the use of a PlayStation 3 controller – of which there are a staggering … Read more

The 5 Best 13-Inch Gaming Laptops: Ultimate Guide

13-inch laptops, commonly referred to as ultrabooks, have been a big part of the professional landscape for some time now.  As hardware manufacturers continue to make smaller and more heat-efficient components each year, more and more gaming laptops are being brought to market that fit into this category!  The following are the best gaming ultrabooks … Read more

The 5 Best 60% Keyboards for Gaming: Ultimate Guide

60% keyboards have taken the PC gaming world by storm and are continuing to grow in popularity!  These ultra-compact boards do away with the numpad (like TKL keyboards), directional keys and function row in favor of ultra-customizable, efficient layouts.  The following are the best 60% gaming keyboards available today! The Best 60% Keyboards for Gaming: … Read more

The 5 Best 2-In-1 Laptops for Gaming: Ultimate Guide

2-in-1 laptops take the best elements of tablets and merge them with traditional notebooks.  Also commonly known as “convertibles”, the most common feature sets found in these niche laptops do not include discrete graphics cards and other hardware essential for gaming.  That being said, there are a handful of solid gaming 2-in-1’s out there, and … Read more

The 6 Best 2.1 Speakers for PC: Ultimate Guide

Adjustable 2.1 speakers for PC

2.1 speaker systems are the sweet spot for most users looking to get great sound from their PC without breaking the bank.  Without further ado, these are the best picks for 2.1 speakers according to experts and experienced users! The Top-Rated 2.1 Speakers for PC Top Pick: Logitech Z623    The manages to check all … Read more

The Best Gaming Mouse for Claw Grip: Ultimate Guide

Most gaming mice are designed with palm grips in mind. Very few are explicitly designed for claw grip, and fewer still of the palm-centric models are especially conducive to claw grip.  That being said, there are enough on the market now that everyone has quite a few choices to consider!  Without further ado, these are the … Read more

The Best Gaming Mouse for Palm Grip: Ultimate Guide

Palm grip is the most common way in which gamers interact with mice, but many gamers are going about this all wrong!  Peak control and accuracy require that you’re using a mouse that’s reciprocal of your grip type – step-up your game by getting a mouse specifically designed to handle like a dream by palm-grippers!  … Read more

The 6 Best Keyboards for Xim Apex: Ultimate Guide

Generations of gamers have been locked in eternal debate as to whether certain games are better with controller or keyboard-and-mouse.  Whereas most PC games have launched with controller support in recent years, console gamers have not been catered to in the same way.  Luckily for them, there’s the Xim Apex, which allows you to use … Read more

The Best MOBA Mouse: Ultimate Guide

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, more commonly known as MOBAs, have rapidly become a favorite genre of casual gamers and pros alike.  One thing both groups of players have in common is an ever-increasing thirst for more-specialized mice to meet their unique needs; thankfully, mice manufacturers have been keeping pace!  The following are the best … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bedwars: Ultimate Guide

Bedwars is a super-popular minigame in Minecraft that is rapidly growing in popularity!  As such, many players are seeing value in a technique called speedbridging, which involves butterfly clicking in order to rapidly build a bridge. Rest assured that the absolute best mice for speedbridging are listed below! The Top-Rated Mouse for Bedwars Top Pick: Glorious … Read more

The Best Mouse for Bhopping: Ultimate Guide

Bhopping, or bunny-hopping, is the act of constantly jumping in video games.  In some competitive multiplayer games, bhopping is used as a way of throwing off your opponents’ aim or causing confusion; in some games bhopping even increases your traversal speed, as repeated jumping is more efficient than walking or sprinting!  Though most gamers tend … Read more

The Best Mouse for PUBG: Ultimate Guide

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, stormed onto the gaming scene in 2017 and changed the entire industry overnight!  PUBG’s unique competitive-shooter-in-a-sandbox formula spawned the battle royale genre, and today maintains a massive playerbase on virtually every modern gaming platform! Of course, hardcore gamers will continue to swear that the PC version is … Read more

The 6 Best CPUs Under $250: Ultimate Guide

The CPU is the most important component of a PC that essentially controls everything – your PSU, GPU and RAM. There are tons of great processors or CPUs out there in the market but this list compares all of them under $250 to ensure that you get the best processor you deserve. If you’re on … Read more

The 6 Best GPUs Under $400: Ultimate Guide

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