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Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Ultimate Comparison

Logitech’s G29 and G920 are a pair of sim racing wheels for the PlayStation line of consoles and Xboxes. The question is, how do they shape up against the Fanatec CSL Elite?

The Fanatec CSL Elite wheel is widely considered one of the best wheels on the market, and although we don’t think Logitech can quite take down the champ, we want to compare them for you and see if they’re worth your time and money.

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Technical Specs

G29/920CSL Elite
ROTATION RANGE40° to 900°90° to 1080°
DRIVE SYSTEMGear drivenBelt driven
PEDALSThree adjustable metal pedalsNot included
MATERIALSHand-stitched leatherLeather and suede

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Build Quality

Fanatec is known for their stellar, enthusiast-grade build quality and the CSl Elite is among the best products they’ve ever released – you’d be hard-pressed to find a complaint on this front.  Logitech is widely regarded for their great build quality as well, but many users online seem to be having quality-control related issues with their G29/920 – things that likely won’t effect most users but must be noted.

Winner – CSL Elite

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Design

Logitech’s pair of wheels are both quite handsome and feature stylish design touches – especially the splashes of blue and red present on the G29.  The CSL Elite is quite sleek and it’s understated aesthetics will appeal to the more professional amongst its users – and the CSL Elite F1 Set has a nice open-wheel rim for those who prefer those aesthetics.  That said, none of these wheels objectively look better than one another.

Winner – Draw

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Force Feedback

Fanatec’s CSL Elite has feedback that is widely regarded by enthusiasts to be among the best in the business, and the level of realism imparted is second-to-none.  The G29/920 have a pair of motors that provide high-resolution feedback that is extremely impactful and nuanced, but can feel a bit “notchy” when turning the wheel.

Winner – CSL Elite

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Pedals

The CSL Elite does not include racing pedals of any sort, which is only a slight knock against the wheel; freedom to choose what you want rather than paying for something you might not like allows users to opt for a high-end pedal set – we recommend the CSL Elite Pedals paired with the CSL Elite Load Cell Kit for ultimate realism.  The Logitech wheels come with a midrange three pedal set that honestly doesn’t doesn’t leave much to be desired, which is a surprise considering the price point of these packages.

Winner – G29/920

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Noise

The CSL Elite is a smooth, quiet operator – which is especially noteworthy considering the power of its force feedback motor.  The G29/920 on the other hand, are not able to remain quite as silent during regular operation; though they aren’t especially loud, they are quite noticeable.

Winner – CSL Elite

Logitech G29/920 vs Fanatec CSL Elite: Other Considerations

The biggest differentiating factor here would be the value proposition – whereas Fanatec provides a better product here, Logitech offers an extremely compelling value proposition by including a solid pedal set in their package while keeping the price lower than the base CSL Elite package.


While budget-conscious sim racing fans (or those who want to play on Xbox) may be better-off going with Logitech’s offerings here, it’s impossible to deny the CSL Elite is the better wheel for most users due to quieter operation, smoother feedback and increased rotation range.

Last Updated on April 22, 2021