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The 7 Best USB GameCube Controllers: Ultimate Guide

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo GameCube released to rave reviews over 19 years ago; it’s even harder to believe that the GameCube controller is still in fashion!  Due to its unique shape and feel, many gamers have come to revere the pad and many peripheral manufacturers make USB GameCube controllers to capitalize on the craze.  The following are the absolute best USB GameCube controllers you can buy today!

The Top-Rated USB GameCube Controllers

Editor's PickControllerScore
Top PickHORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style90%
Budget PickVOYEE PC Gamecube Controller88%
Luxury PickExlene Wireless Gamecube Controller92%
Best CompetitivePowerA Wired Controller for Switch GameCube Style92%
Best for MacHyperkin CirKa Premium90%

Top Pick: HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style

HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style
  • GameCube-style wired USB Controller with 10 ft. cable
  • Anti-snapback analog sticks and fast-action L/R & ZL/ZR Buttons
  • Toggle shoulder button functions
  • Turbo settings
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

The HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style is another slam-dunk from one of the most celebrated 3rd party peripheral manufacturers of all time, and it’s without question the best overall USB GameCube controller to date.

This officially-licensed controller is virtually identical to the original GameCube controller in layout, size and feel, making it instantly comfortable and recognizable to anyone who’s familiar with the classic system.  New/improved additions to the traditional formula include a 10-foot USB 3.0 that’s great for use with a docked Switch or a PC, turbo settings, and a grippy texture on the back for better control during long gaming sessions.  Perhaps the only oversight is the lack of a USB-C adapter for undocked Switch use, but that’s easy to forgive when you consider said adapters can be picked up for a couple of bucks.  

At any rate, if you want the best overall pick, you can stop reading here and snag a HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style now!

Budget Pick: VOYEE PC Gamecube Controller

VOYEE PC Gamecube Controller
  • 【Universal USB Controller】You can play Nintendo games on any PC with a USB port. If your program or application accepts USB controller input, you can directly use the machine without drivers or patches.
  • 【Supported Operating Systems】PC controller support XP, WIN7.8.10, VISTA, MAC (not compatible with gc host)!
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Streamlined design makes the controller for pc comfortable to hold for a long time, more agile operation, texture and enhance comfort.
  • 【Perfect Gaming Experience】GC controller more sensitive joystick and enhanced direction keys provide higher accuracy. Built-in motor allows you to experience realistic vibration and shock, and fully enjoy the fun of gc games
  • 【What You Get】1*USB controller,1* user manual,1*CD,1* exquisite packaging, lifetime warranty, any quality problems, please contact us at any time. Our team will help you solve within 24 hours and provide unconditionl free replacement or full refund guarantee.

The VOYEE PC Gamecube Controller is exactly what it says on the tin – nothing more, nothing less.  The first thing you’re likely to notice with this one is that it looks virtually identical to the original GameCube controller, sans official branding and with a USB plug in place of the proprietary GameCube adapter head.  

The low price and unbelievably generic Amazon listing for this product would be a concern were it not for the fact that it is indeed an “Amazon’s Choice” product and has plenty of glowing reviews from verified buyers!  The only complaint seems to be that this controller is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch, so go with another pick from this list if that’s important to you.  Otherwise, this is a great choice to save a few bucks on your USB GameCube controller!

Luxury Pick: Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller

Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller
  • √Work with Nintendo Switch and PC. Please remember to download software like" joystick mapper" when you play it on your Macs. (can't be used for game cube system and android system)
  • √Works on all Nintendo switch games,perfect for Super smash Bros: It can replace Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play games. Motion controls, Rumble, All system Buttons,Turbo function are added.
  • √Rechargeable with a usb type-C cable: come with rechargeable internal battery and you don't have to spend extra for AA battery. A usb type-C cable is includded for charging and takes around 2 hours to make a full charge for the controller.
  • √Important!!! It is bluetooth version ,2.4G dongle is not included. For the first time of connecting the controller with your Nintendo Switch console, please make sure to use the usb-C cable to connect; then you can feel free to connect by bluetooth in the following time.
  • √Reliable Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and extended one-year Warranty.We provide warm and professional service.

The Exlene Wireless Gamecube Controller is the complete package, to the point where the price is the only thing that could possibly merit turning it down! Carrying the Wavebird’s mantle forward into a new generation, the biggest upgrade over Nintendo’s beloved first wireless effort is the inclusion of a USB-C rechargeable battery – that alone makes this a better long-term value than that old AA-drainer!  Other great features include turbo functionality, optional USB or Bluetooth connectivity, and motion sensors for use with supported games.  

This controller is compatible with PC, Mac, and Switch out of the box – but keep in mind that it does not include a standard USB-A head and will require an inexpensive USB C-to-A adapter for use with hardware that doesn’t have USB-C.  

Best Competitive: PowerA Wired Controller for Switch GameCube Style

PowerA Wired Controller for Switch GameCube Style
  • The preferred gamepad for Super smash Bros ultimate
  • Classic Game Cube design plus larger d pad and added left shoulder button
  • System Buttons added for compatibility with all Nintendo Switch games
  • Detachable 10 feet (3 Meter) USB cable with Velcro strap
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo with 2 year limited warranty

The PowerA Wired Controller for Switch GameCube Style is another great USB controller that features thoughtful design that is especially conducive to use in tournament play with games such as Smash Bros.  Unlike most of the controllers on this list, this one is not only licensed by Nintendo but also features the bog-standard GameCube controller layout with no additions of any sort that may draw scrutiny from fellow competitors, such as turbo functionality or linear triggers.  

Also included is an attached heavy-gauge 10 foot USB cable to ensure that your presses are registered ASAP and without any interference! PowerA is clearly a fan of high performance wired controllers: they make a similar PS3 controller for competitive users.

Also note that PowerA Wired Controller for Switch: GameCube Style is available in classic GameCube console colors:  black and purple!

Best for Mac: Hyperkin CirKa Premium

Hyperkin CirKa Premium
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Analog stick and C-stick
  • Four action face buttons
  • 6 ft. cable

The Hyperkin CirKa Premium is a great option for everyone, but especially Mac users!  Many of the other controllers on this list are compatible with Mac OS, but they often require workaround such as installing additional software; that’s not the case with Hyperkin CirKa Premium!  

Plug-and-play simplicity is the name of the game here, but this controller isn’t short on quality – it’s built to last and includes a 1-year warranty from Hyperkin, which is a lot longer than most peripheral makers are willing to stand behind their products!

What to Look for in a USB GameCube Controller

Whether you’re buying a USB GameCube Controller for use with PC, Switch or any other purpose, these will the primary considerations:


All of the GameCube controllers on this list will have standard USB connections and are designed for use with modern PC hardware.  Some will be compatible with Nintendo Switch as well, though many will need a separate USB-C adapter in order to be used with the console undocked.  Not a big deal for everyone, but is the most important consideration if you intend to use the controller on-the-go with a Switch!


Perhaps the most important element of the GameCube controller is its unique shape and button layout; if you want to stick as close to the script as possible, make sure you’re getting a Nintendo-Licensed controller!


While there’s not a wild amount of variance amongst these offerings, it’s worth keeping in mind that some will cost quite a bit more than others, and unpicky gamers may be best-served by getting a lower-priced offering and saving a few bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a USB GameCube Controller:

Can I use an original GameCube controller on PC?

There are a few USB adapters on the market that make it possible to use original GameCube controllers on a PC, but the cost is comparable to the controllers on this list and it’s hard to justify buying one when you could just get a new controller that’s built for purpose!

Can I use a USB GameCube controller on GameCube?

Some of the controllers on this list do come with adapters that allow them to be used with classic consoles! There are also adapters that are designed to be used with other USB controllers, but users report mixed results and it’s generally advised that you steer clear of such options without first doing considerable additional research.

Other USB GameCube Controllers We Reviewed

We looked at two other USB GameCube Controllers. Even though they didn’t make our top 5 list, they’re still some of the market’s best.

EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller Bundle

EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller Bundle
  • The Ultimate GameCube Bundle: This set includes 4 extension cords, a 4-port adapter, and 4 sturdy GameCube controller in 4 different colors ((Black/Silver/Purple/Crystal Green); they give you the same shape and button layout as original Nintendo’s pro controller for accessibility and extended gameplay comfort.
  • Superior Compatibility: This pro controller works with all GameCube and Nintendo Switch games so you can definitely ace your Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Splatoon, Zelda, etc. as well as every game on both versions of the virtual console which makes navigating a lot easier.
  • The Multi-port Capability: The adapter has 4 docks that can connect up to 4 controllers at the same time with no lags or delays, letting you have an awesome time with three of your friends. Adapter can connect up to 4 controllers at the same time with no lags or delays, letting you have an awesome time with three of your friends.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Free yourself from limitations with these accessories that can support PC, and Nintendo Switch which also has a hassle free switching from PC mode to GameCube mode by just toggling a selector on the side of the adaptor, giving you smooth transitions all the time.
  • Guaranteed: We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality in the market. Our customers are first on our priority list and we simply provide you the best product and service

The EVORETRO 4 Pack Gamecube Controller Bundle is pretty much exactly what you’d expect – a bundle of 4 GameCube controllers at a great price!  While it doesn’t seem as if EVORETRO offers these controllers individually, they did go to the trouble of making this package diverse and versatile by including 4 different-colored controllers that all plug into a single USB adapter – making the kit ideal for use with PC, Mac or Switch without any additional adapters.

Considering how low the price of this bundle is, it’s very easy to recommend to anyone who intends to purchase 3-4 controllers, or anyone who simply wants to have extras for a rainy-day Smash tourney!

Mekela USB Wired Classic Gamepad

The Mekela USB Wired Classic Gamepad is a great, reliable pad that’s as understated as they come.  No frills, special features or adornments are present here; what you do get is a no-nonsense controller on-the cheap.

The Mekela USB Wired Classic Gamepad is available in a variety of classic and modern colors such as silver, orange and clear blue. 

Last Updated on February 15, 2021