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The 5 Best Sim Racing TV Stands

Sim racing TV stands differ from normal TV stands, computer desks or “entertainment centers” in that they are designed to bring the screen to head-level and as close to the user as possible without running into equipment such as a steering wheel.  Today, we’ll be looking at the best sim racing TV stands on the market in order to help our readers determine which is best for them.

The Top-Rated Sim Racing TV Stands

Top Pick: Playseat Tv Stand Pro

Versatile, reliable and affordable

The Playseat Tv Stand Pro is a great no-nonsense stand from a name we more commonly associate with great racing seats and cockpits – and it’s our top pick for sim racing TV stands.  This stand is advertised for use with those Playseat products, but as a standalone fixture, it’s adaptable to just about any use case.

The Playseat Tv Stand Pro is adjustable to monitors 15”-65” in size, and can even support curved screens up to 48”.  While it only holds one TV out-of-the-box, additional accessories can be purchased to expand that up to seven screens!  

This metallic gray stand is highly durable and height-adjustable for low-profile F1 seating or upright GT style cockpits.  If you’re looking for a solid stand that’s reasonably priced and ready to grow with your rig, the Playseat Tv Stand Pro is a great pick!

Budget Pick: GT Omega ART Simulator Monitor Stand 

As cheap as good stands get

The GT Omega ART Simulator Monitor Stand is an easily-affordable monitor stand designed for use with screens 22” to 52” in size and features classic matte black styling that will blend in with any racing rig.  

Constructed of premium steel and easy to assemble, this TV stand is height adjustable and sits on four locking casters so that it can be easily rolled into and out of place whenever you need to move it, while remaining steady when in use.  

VESA mounting holes on this stand ensure brackets of sizes ranging from 100mm x 100mm all the way to 400mm x 400mm are easily affixable, so this is an ideal stand for beginners or simply anyone who wants a cheap stand that’s easy to get in-house and up-and-running.

Luxury Pick: Trak Racer Triple TV Monitor Stand

For your most epic cockpit

The Trak Racer Triple TV Monitor Stand is a fully-adjustable stand that’s built to hold three huge monitors at once for a supremely immersive sim racing experience.  Each of the three VESA mounting brackets will hold a monitor or TV ranging in size from 34”-45”.

In addition to adjustable spacing, the outer arms allow for the peripheral monitors to be angled as you see fit, and all three displays can be adjusted to angle up or down should you need that functionality.  

The super strong metal tubes are over 2” in thickness and sit on rubber floor protectors.  This thing has an especially aggressive stance and looks very professional.  If you’re looking for the ultimate monitor stand, you may well have found it here!

Best for Versatility: Sim Lab Single Monitor / TV Stand

When all else fails

The Sim Lab Single Monitor / TV Stand is an extremely versatile TV stand that is sure to fit your needs even if nothing else will.  Available in black or silver, it will fit your racing rig’s design aesthetic as well.

This stand is the most adaptable of any on this list, capable of fitting TVs and monitors up to 65” in size, and fits VESA mounts as small as 75mm x 75mm all the way up to 400mm x 400mm without need for any additional accessories.  

Built from lightweight aluminum, the Sim Lab Single Monitor / TV Stand is efficient and unassuming, and highly height adjustable as well without compromising its low center of gravity.  As an added bonus, this is a relatively affordable stand that’s only outdone by our budget pick in that regard.

Best for Big Screen TVs: Next Level Racing Free Standing Single Monitor Stand

For the biggest of screens

The Next Level Racing Free Standing Single Monitor Stand is yet another great product from NLR, a manufacturer who seems to have at least one item in every imaginable racing peripheral category.  They also seem to do a great job of making niche goods that fill gaps in other makers’ portfolios.

This stand is no exception, as it is made to support monitors as small as 24” all the way up to enormous big screens measuring 85” diagonally.  The adjustable VESA mounts go all the way up to 480mm to match the extreme screen support, and the matte black carbon steel ensures the stand will look good while doing so.

The Next Level Racing Free Standing Single Monitor Stand is height-adjustable and features lockable rolling castors in order to help with moving and adjustment.  As always, NLR seems to have thought of everything with this one, and the reasonable price means it’s really easy to recommend to anyone who has made it this far down the list without yet making a purchasing decision!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a sim racing TV stand:

Do you need a sim racing TV stand?

While some can certainly get by without a dedicated stand for sim racing, you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you go that route. Sim racing TV stands provide a stable solution for keeping your monitor as close as possible to you so that you can be as close as possible to the action.

Why do sim racing stands hold so many monitors?

Most racing sims support multi-monitor setups that extend the user’s field of view in order to increase immersion and provide a better sense of speed.  Not to mention you can literally turn your head and look out the sides of your car windows!  While not everyone will find multi-monitor setups to be an economically viable upgrade, those who can afford to shell out for extras will find it to be a compelling option.

Last Updated on April 17, 2021