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The 7 Best PS5 Racing Setups

The PlayStation 5 is the hottest console on the market right now and thanks to backwards compatibility, there are a broad range of amazing racing games ready to run in UHD at blistering framerates.  More exciting are the upcoming PS5 exclusive racers such as Gran Turismo 7 – which you can prepare for by snagging one of these great PS5 racing setups.

The Top-Rated PS5 Racing Setups

Top Pick: Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral RW Alcantara Edition

Sleek, sturdy and performative

The Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral RW Alcantara Edition is an amazing wheel that’s got just about everything you need for an amazing racing experience right out of the box.  Featuring a replica Ferrari 599xx EVO wheel rim as its centerpiece, this setup manages to look every bit as good as it feels.

It does indeed feel great thanks to the titular Alacantara wheel wrap and sturdy, mostly-metal construction.  The powerful brushless servo motor, 1080 degrees of rotation and excellent three-pedal set are other highlights that lend to an immersive and tactile racing experience.  

The only thing really missing here is a shifter knob – but that’s pretty easy to excuse thanks to the included metal paddle shifters.  Furthermore, this setup is fully compatible with the rest of Thrustmaster’s ecosystem and therefore is capable of being upgraded with a TH8A add-on shifter.  It’s easy to see why the Thrustmaster T300 has such great reviews across the web, and we strongly recommend it to our PS5-owning readers.

Runner-up Pick: Logitech G923

A great alternative that doesn’t compromise

The Logitech G923 is the latest in a long line of great racing setups from one of the most trusted names in gaming and PC accessories, and it absolutely doesn’t disappoint.  Made mostly of lightweight aluminum, reinforced with steel and wrapped in leather, this setup looks every bit as great as it feels.

Speaking of feels, the Logitech G923 excels in the force feedback department by integrating the company’s new “TrueForce” tech which essentially translates to increased feedback fidelity with supported titles (such as Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa and GRID).  The three-pedal set performs great and is highly adjustable; a solid pair of shifter paddles are included and an optional shifter add-on is available for a modest sum.

The only real downside of this setup versus the top pick is that the feedback is considerably less powerful, but that is going to be a fair tradeoff for those of us who are happy to sacrifice a hint of realism for considerable cost savings.  You really can’t go wrong with either of these PS5 racing setups.

Budget Pick: Thrustmaster T150 Pro

A surprisingly affordable alternative to the T300

The Thrustmaster T150 Pro is another great wheel that’s compatible with that great peripheral ecosystem – yet it’s roughly half the price of the top pick.  So what was sacrificed in order to reach the lower price?  Not as much as you might expect!

The biggest downgrade here is the move from Alacantara to rubber for the wheel grip; a loss of luxury is perfectly understandable though, so we aren’t deducting any points for that.  A more tangible downgrade exists in the force feedback system – which feels decidedly tiny in comparison to the T300 but is nonetheless capable of providing a stellar entry-level experience.

The great all-metal-internals three pedal set comes along for the ride here, as do the great paddle shifters.  If you’re still reeling from the big wallet hit of the PS5 console and want to shave costs elsewhere, this racing setup is a great way to compromise.

Luxury Pick: Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1

For those with big budgets

The Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 is the absolute cream of the PS5 racing setup crop, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who isn’t scared off by its high price tag.  Note that the $1800 kit doesn’t even include a pedal set, so expect to spend well over $2200 in order to get the full setup – but is it worth it?

If you demand nothing less than an immensely immersive racing experience, it absolutely justifies the price tag with a number of key features and design considerations that leave the competition in the dust.  The open-wheel F1-style rim, carbon fiber paddle shifters, Alacantara grips and telemetry LEDs all scream performance and luxury, but they are nothing in comparison to the true centerpiece of this kit:  the direct drive force feedback system.

We’ll spare you all of the technical details of direct drive and skip straight to the point – this wheel outputs 20Nm peak torque, which is as much as an actual F1 race car.  This wheel is absolutely not meant for use by children, or anyone who isn’t keen on the idea of a racing wheel that can literally throw an unobservant driver from their cockpit!

Best for Kids: Superdrive Driving Wheel SV200

The polar opposite of our luxury pick

The Superdrive Driving Wheel SV200 is a much better choice for the kiddos!  While manufacturer Subsonic doesn’t seem to have invested much thought into the name of this particular product, they have managed to put together a serviceable racing setup for an unbelievably low price.

Kids don’t need epic torque or elegant build materials; kids need big, easy to press pedals and a low rotation range.  This product delivers, with two big-faced pedals and a tight 180 degree rotation angle in order to give short arms a good amount of control.

This setup doesn’t have force feedback of any sort, but it does have a set of paddle shifters for more advanced drivers.  It’s hard to believe that there could be a decent product at this price point but our expectations have been shattered by the Superdrive Driving Wheel SV200’s amazing reviews and praise online – so we think it deserves a spot on this list.

What to Look for in a PS5 Racing Setup

You’re probably in a hurry to hit the track with your shiny new system, but we strongly suggest giving these points a few minutes of thought first:


For those who have managed to snag PlayStation 5, we salute you!  If your budget took a big hit or if you simply want to conserve funds, we think you’ll find that there are some great racing setups for PS5 that cost a lot less than you might expect – and others that will make your wallet quiver with fear.

While you can certainly drop thousands of dollars on a great setup – and we recommend that those with a big budget consider doing so – you can have a fantastic racing experience on your PS5 for $300-500.  You can certainly get a usable setup for a much lower price, but you’ll usually have to sacrifice pedals, force feedback and/or solid construction materials in order to shave costs.

In our experience, these upper-entry-level racing setups represent a sweet spot between features and price, where most gamers feel as if they’re really getting a great deal.  If you’re looking for a perfect starting place, our top pick and runner-up should be a great fit for just about anyone.

Force Feedback

Force feedback (aka “FF”) is a motorized system in racing wheelbases that exerts force on the user – via the wheel rim – in order to emulate the feel of various driving conditions and effects.  There are a broad range of FF types and they all have advantages and weaknesses of note – but we’ll give you the short version.

Most FF racing wheels operate on a basic gear and/or belt-drive feedback system that can give a great approximation of driving a real car.  The high-end wheels on the market will instead opt for direct drive feedback systems, which allow for unbelievably powerful feedback – with torque levels that rival real race cars.

Not everyone wants FF – and in the case of children, we recommend against it – but it is an essential component of racing simulation and allows for gamers to react to their games much quicker and accurately.  More realism equals faster lap times, and nothing matters more than shaving seconds off of your times!


While most gamers – especially those currently enjoying the new-gen systems in all their glory – tend to prefer the convenience and clutter-free experience offered by wireless controllers, we strongly recommend that you get a wired racing setup!

Whereas console manufacturers allocate special ranges of bandwidth to be dedicated to use of proprietary controllers, third-party devices must use less-optimal connection methods that introduce latency.  Latency translates to slower reactions, so it’s pretty much the worst thing you can do to your racing experience.

If that sounds like a bummer, consider that you would need an awfully large battery in order to power a decent force feedback motor – so manufacturers don’t bother with feedback on such wheels.  Wires are the only way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a PS5 racing setup:

Do you need a steering wheel and pedals for PS5?

If you intend to spend a lot of time playing racing games in the coming years, we strongly suggest opting for an optimized experience.  Wheels and pedals allow for much more intuitive control of vehicles than a controller could ever offer, which translates to better lap times and deeper immersion.

Should I wait for dedicated PS5 racing setups?

As it stands now, all of the PS5 racing setups are fully compatible with PS4 as well – which lends to an impression that these products are simply repackaged PS4 accessories.  While this is sometimes the case, there is no reason to wait when so many of these wheels are fantastic and provide amazing experiences on PlayStation 5.

Other PS5 Racing Setups We Reviewed

We looked at two other PS5 Racing Setups. Even though they didn’t make our top 5 list, they’re still some of the market’s best.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex

A solid budget setup

The HORI Racing Wheel Apex doesn’t quite fit anywhere else on this list, but it certainly deserves an honorable mention.  This sturdy and sleek wheel has the great build quality that HORI is known for, which is nonetheless surprising given the product’s entry-level price point. 

A solid pair of pedals are included, as are paddle shifters and a great table clamp mounting kit.  The wheel rim has a radius of 270 degrees – not quite enough for a realistic experience – and has firm rubber grips to emphasize tight control.  

If you want the absolute cheapest racing setup that could also easily be defined as “good” – and don’t mind sacrificing force feedback in that pursuit – the HORI Racing Wheel Apex is a great pick for you.

Thrustmaster T300RS 

A downgraded iteration of the top pick

The Thrustmaster T300RS is a pared-back version of the top pick and while it’s a significant downgrade in a couple of key areas, it’s worth considering if $500 is a bit too much to spend right now. 

We won’t sugarcoat it – the Thrustmaster T300RS only has a two-pedal set, and it’s not built especially well.  While these pedals certainly aren’t flimsy, they lack the weight and adjustability features of the upgraded kit and just don’t pack the same punch.  If you can look past that fact – and the muted, generic looks – this is a solid buy that will save you quite a bit of cash.   

Last Updated on February 1, 2021