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The 7 Best PS4 Racing Setups

The PlayStation 4 has had a long and productive life-cycle punctuated by a number of great titles across all genres of gaming – not the least of which is racing.  Headlined by Driveclub and the Gran Turismo series, the PS4’s racing games pair best with a great wheel and pedal setup; here are the best on offer:

The Top-Rated PS4 Racing Setups

Top Pick: Logitech G29

The best deal on the market

The Logitech G29 is the best overall racing setup for the PlayStation 4 due to its great wheelbase and outstanding pedals.  Originally retailing for $400, the G29 now goes for $249; it was a solid deal at the base price point, but now is an absolute steal.

The dual motor force feedback system is more powerful than those in many wheels twice double the cost of the G29, and the leather wrapped wheel really drives home the fact that this is a premium wheel punching way above its weight.

The most outstanding feature, however is the excellent three pedal set that eclipses the offerings by those in sets anywhere near this price range.  In fact, the Logitech G29 as a whole costs less than a great set of pedals from Thrustmaster.  If you’re looking to get the most value out of a racing setup for your PS4 as it enters its golden years, you can’t do any better than the Logitech G29.

Runner-up Pick: Thrustmaster T300RS GT

Sleek and powerful

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT offers high-end performance at a decidedly mid-range price, and we think that it warrants consideration for top pick status.  Featuring a detachable GT-style wheel rim, 1080 degree force feedback motor and solid three pedal set, this set has everything you need to get going – right out of the box.

Thrustmaster puts their name on the line with every feedback motor they release, and this one isn’t a disappointment by any stretch, and the brushless design they employed here provides a smooth yet powerful response curve that has to be felt to be believed.  The only real gripe that most users seem to have with this wheel is that the pedals feel somewhat cheap, but we think that’s a fair compromise when they could have instead opted to actually include cheaply made pedals – which these are not.

If the Thrustmaster T300RS GT was priced closer to our top pick, this set would have taken pole position; as it stands, the current cost is a bit too high for that level of praise – but make no mistake that this set is worth keeping an eye on, especially in the event of a sale or price drop.

Budget Pick: HORI Wireless Racing Wheel Apex

A solid little wheel for casual racers

The HORI Wireless Racing Wheel Apex is a good, if basic racing setup from a great manufacturer that’s been around for a long time and knows how to make solid products that fill the gaps in other peripheral makers’ portfolios.  Unlike the other products on this list, the super affordable HORI Wireless Racing Wheel Apex features wireless connectivity to the PS4 – which is something of a mixed bag.

While wireless function is more convenient and less of an eyesore, it introduces a bit of latency between the user and the game.  In games where fractions of a second make enormous differences in reaction time, such as racing, we prefer to keep things wired – but HORI has done a good job of minimizing lag here and we think that anyone considering a low-cost wheel set is probably going to be okay with the delay.

The other tradeoff made in favor of wireless connectivity is force feedback; after all it would be an enormous challenge to power such a motor with a rechargeable battery.  The resulting package is a solid little wheel and pedal set that does everything a casual racer could ask for – and does so at a price point that makes it very easy to recommend.

Luxury Pick: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

Not for the faint of heart

The Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel is probably the best PS4 wheel that money can buy – which is great considering how much money you’ll need to exchange to get one of your own.  Fanatec has been making amazingly powerful and realistic sim racing gear for many years now, and this is one of their best selling products.

The CSL Elite Racing Wheel (as its name might imply) simply a wheelbase and wheel rim; Fanatec makes amazing pedals as well and they’re all compatible with this set, but they’re quite costly as well and the total package is likely going to run north of $1,000 by the time tax and shipping is included.

What you get for your hard earned cash is a realistic leather and suede wrapped steering wheel that measures 300mm across (the size of real steering wheels) that’s positively loaded with great features and tech, and a wheel base that’s even more amazing due to telemetry LEDs and a powerful brushless motor that generates a massive 6Nm of torque.  If you’re looking for the most amazing racing experiences possible on a PlayStation 4 console, pair the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel with your sim of choice and hit the track.

Best for Kids: PXN-V3II Competition Racing Steering Wheel

A great value product for the little ones

The PXN-V3II Competition Racing Steering Wheel is a budget wheel that won’t go especially far in the eyes of sim racing enthusiasts, but the included two pedal set and integrated shifter add a lot of value for the kids in your life who need to have their racing thirst be quenched.

This durable set is made of plastic and rubber that’s surprisingly sturdy, and the wheel’s reduced rotation range of 180 degrees means it’s easy for small arms to control.  Similarly scaled-down is the force feedback function – or lack thereof, as it has been supplanted by a basic but powerful dual-vibration setup akin to what you would expect to find in a traditional game controller.

Though we must reiterate that this is not a good choice for seasoned gamers, we highly recommend this set if you’re looking for something to get kids interested in cars or simply to help them have a more fun gaming experience.

What to Look for in a PS4 Racing Setup

With so many racing setups out there, it can be hard to determine which is best to suit your needs; these are the keys to focus on:

Setup Contents

The most basic expectation is that each setup contains a full wheel, which comprises a base and a rim – with this, you are technically ready to hit the track.  Most sets also include a pedal set – some are just a brake and throttle, whereas others also toss in a clutch.  If your set only has two pedals, that can be someone overlooked if the wheel has paddle shifters – but this is really down to your personal preferences for shifting.

Some kits also feature a dedicated shifter, but most simply allow you to purchase a shifter add-on at an additional cost.  There are a lot of add-ons for that matter, such as hand brakes and swappable wheel rims, but we recommend ensuring you enjoy the product for a while before committing additional funds to accoutrements.  

Force Feedback

Not all force feedback systems are created equally; in fact, not all racing setups have force feedback in the first place.  Commonly referred to simply as “FF”, force feedback is a system of motors and other mechanisms that translates in-game telemetry data into powerful effects that you can actually feel.  

All FF systems can be used to give a sense of traction loss, different terrains and other effects, whereas the best FF can also accurately emulate every imaginable sensation one might feel through a real steering wheel while also simulating pull.  

FF can produce massive amounts of torque, so we advise against allowing kids to use FF unsupervised; for everyone else, it’s an all but essential aspect of the sim racing experience that you should take care to appreciate.


The products on this list vary in price quite dramatically, as do to the contents of each setup.  Costs account for many factors including accessories, features and even build quality – so it’s best to determine what you require from your racing setup before trying to find gear to fit your budget.

While it’s rather hard to find a good, full setup in the budget price range, there are tons of simple setups available at cheap prices – and these are sufficient if you want a bare-bones wheel.  Good pedals are nearly essential for sim racing, but they come at a premium; shifters and paddles add a lot of value in addition to cost.

Just because something is cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.  The inverse is true as well; many of these products simply have more to offer than many users will find necessary and as such don’t give a lot of bang-for-buck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions users ask when choosing a PS4 Racing Setup:

Do you need a steering wheel for PS4?

For casual racing games, absolutely not – your DualShock 4 will do a fine enough job of playing pretty much any arcadey racers in addition to allowing you to play the more serious affairs. If you intend to race competitively only or if you simply appreciate deeper immersion, it’s all but essential that you take the plunge into a racing setup.

Are PS4 wheels compatible with PS5?

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “yes” – for the most part. The only exceptions we’re aware of are those that are strictly wireless – and therefore unable to be plugged-into the PS5 in order to download the new firmware.

Other PS4 Racing Setups We Reviewed

We looked at two other PS4 Racing Setups. Even though they didn’t make our top 5 list, they’re still some of the market’s best.

Thrustmaster T80

An bare-bones package for a fair price

The Thrustmaster T80 is something of a “budget pick” runner-up, as it is extremely affordable while managing to offer a respectable feature set.  The big caveat here is that this wheel does not have force feedback of any sort.

What you do get is a decent two-pedal set in addition to shifter paddles, a rubber-coated wheel with adjustable sensitivity and for a few bucks more, you can get sleek Ferrari styling in a special edition T80 Ferrari 488 GTB set.  If you’ve made it this far into the list without settling on a setup, this one is worth a look.

PXN V900

A versatile wheel for multiplatform use

The PXN V900 is a highly-rated budget wheel that has a uniquely broad range of compatibility with just about every game console on the market today – PS3, PS4, PS4 and PC are all supported, as well as Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series X/Series S.

Like most of the budget racing setups out there, this one doesn’t have force feedback of any sort – but it does at least have vibration motors to give a sense of what you’re missing out on.  Also included are built in table clamps, a pair of basic pedals and great rotation range of 900 degrees for realistic steering on a shoestring budget.

Last Updated on February 1, 2021