The Best OLED Monitors

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OLED monitors don’t rely on any backlighting that allows for accurate color reproduction and also deeper and darker black shades. It also allows for little to no ghosting which would only come in handy for your gaming adventures. This list covers the best OLED monitors you could possibly buy.

The Top-Rated OLED Monitors

Editor's PickMonitorScore
Top PickAlienware 55 OLED92%
Runner UpAsus ProArt PQ22UC90%
Budget PickLG OLED 55 CX88%
Luxury PickSony PVM-X550 55" 4K Trimaster94%
Honorable MentionSony A8H 5590%

Top Pick: Alienware 55 OLED

Alienware 55 OLED Gaming Monitor

Meet the world’s first 55 inch OLED gaming monitor.

Massive and almost unwieldy, the Alienware 55 OLED is one of the best OLED monitors out there that is also perfect for gaming. Playing games on this large monitor is cinematic, and that is probably an understatement. It does look like a TV but it shares a lot in common with monitors. Matter of fact, the Alienware 55 OLED Gaming Monitor features a 4K 120Hz display, making it one of the fastest OLED displays out there. It also features AMD Radeon FreeSync with low input latency or lag, making it super smooth for gaming. The OLED panels bring out the color and since OLED basically emits every individual pixel. 

Blacks are incredibly deep and dark scenes from most games look jaw dropping. It has a relatively minimal design compared to most other gaming monitors in the market. It features a white and blue design with a single blue RGB strip behind, though it isn’t flashy. If you need the best gaming OLED monitor and you have the money for it, this is the best! 

Runner-Up: Asus ProArt PQ22UC

Asus ProArt PQ22UC

For the professionals.

The Asus ProArt PQ22UC is one of the only few professional monitors out there that has amazing color reproduction and chart-topping picture quality. The contrast on this is brilliant and any content creator, mainly editors would love to own such a monitor. It boasts a 4K display but it is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate which might put away users who plan on using this monitor for gaming. The display is very sharp thanks to the compact 22 inch screen. It might not be suitable for entertainment since it isn’t really large but for productivity, it does a great job. It has a very extensive color gamut and it is calibrated perfectly out of the box.

It comes with a very luxurious yet simple design. It does have relatively larger bezels but it doesn’t get in the way. It is built really thin which does mean that you have to handle this monitor with care. The monitor also comes with a USB C port, which is great since it can be used with almost any compatible USB C laptop. If you are a hardcore editor, this makes sense.

Budget Pick: LG OLED 55 CX


Gets the job done.

The LG OLED 55 CX is a great 55 inch OLED TV and is also an all-rounder. It produces perfect blacks thanks to the fact that it can essentially turn off the individual pixels. It has a very wide color gamut, good viewing angles and also does a great job upscaling low resolution content as well. Gamers would appreciate the variable refresh rate feature of this monitor. It features a 120Hz 4K display, which makes it perfect for gaming as well. The next generation of consoles, at the time of writing, the PS5 and Xbox Series X would take full advantage of this. It also supports FreeSync and G-Sync and helps reduce tearing. The only issue is that since it is an OLED screen, you could face burn-in issues.

The TV is solid and sleek, while also radiating a sense of luxury. It is also really solid and you could easily use a soundbar without obstructing the screen. If you need a TV that also does a great job of being used as a decent monitor, this is a really great one.

Luxury Pick: Sony PVM-X550 55″ 4K Trimaster

Crazy expensive and buy it only if you have the money to burn.

The Sony PVM-X550 55 inch 4K Trimaster monitor is one of those monitors that could be found in high end movie studios. It is a proper OLED monitor that features a massive 55 inch screen that has some amazing features. It uses 12-bit color depth processing which is the highest, providing unbelievable color reproduction. The 12 bit-color depth processing feature also helps you remain future proof for a very long time.

It also comes with a fairly decent design but is quite thick as well. If you are a professional studio with a high budget, this works out perfectly well.

Honorable Mention: Sony A8H 55 Inch TV 

Sony A8H 55 Inch TV

Motion smoothing and an Android TV.

The Sony A8H 55 is another excellent TV that performs incredibly well. It features a 4K 55 inch screen and thanks to the OLED panel used, the blacks are so dark and colors are so vibrant and vivid. It also features an infinite contrast screen and helps greatly if you plan on using this in a very dark room. It has an almost instantaneous response time but the lack of a variable refresh rate might hurt gamers who need the higher refresh rate since it sports the standard 60Hz display.

It also features Android TV that has almost all of the streaming apps that you use, like Netflix, Hulu etc. and the UI is pretty fast while remaining intuitive. The design is very simple as it features very minimal bezels all around. It is raised high enough that you can use a soundbar if you’d like to use one. It has an all around premium look and feel to it. If you want one for general media consumption, this is a great TV to have.

What to Look for in an OLED Monitor

If you plan on buying an OLED monitor, chances are they are very costly and overlooking a factor might lead to a bad experience. Here are a couple things to keep in mind before buying an OLED monitor.


Almost every OLED monitor comes with a 4K resolution and anything below that is basically isn’t all that impressive. Avoiding full HD or 1080p TV sets are the way to go. Also, avoiding 8K TVs right now is also a smart choice and helps you save some money since there is no actual 8K content out there. Choosing a 4K monitor is the way to go.

Refresh Rate

Some OLED monitors, or even TVs for the matter, come with either a 60Hz or a 120Hz refresh rate. For regular consumption, a 60Hz refresh rate would make sense as it is the perfect refresh rate for it. Gamers would certainly appreciate the extra 60Hz for gaming as a 120Hz refresh rate display allows for a very fast and smooth experience which comes in handy.


Some monitors and all TVs come with a built in speaker but as of recently, most of these don’t feature good enough so buying a soundbar for entertainment and a headphone for gaming is the way to go as these external audio sources do a much better job than the inbuilt speaker. Most TVs sacrifice sound for becoming as thin as possible and that is why an external audio source is highly recommended.

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