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The Best Mouse for Xim Apex

For decades, a war has been waging in gaming communities the world over… Should console players have the option to use a mouse and keyboard for increased control and accuracy?  While gamers argued over the merits of thumbsticks vs. lasers, Xim was hard at work perfecting the Apex, allowing gamers to enjoy the best of both worlds simultaneously!  The following are the best mice for use with the Xim Apex, as determined by user reviews and testimonials! 

The Top-Rated Mouse for Xim Apex

Editor's PickMouseScore
Top PickRazer Naga Trinity93%
Runner UpLogitech G502 Hero91%
Budget PickAUKEY Scarab89%
Luxury PickRazer Naga Pro92%
Best PortableLogitech MX Anywhere 391%
Best for ImmersionSteelSeries Rival 71091%

Top Pick: Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity continues the tradition of the Naga line, adding unreal versatility to the seminal MMO mouse.  With 3 swappable left plates, gamers can choose between 2, 7 or 12 programmable buttons on the fly (PC with free Razer Synapse software required for programming).

This mouse has a very premium feel, and chroma lighting a braided cable and even a tiltable scroll wheel (which is also programmable).  You’ll never run out of options with this one, making it the most versatile and easy-to-recommend mouse for use with Xim Apex!

Runner-Up: Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech G502 Hero is yet another superior feather in the cap of the company’s G-branded gaming line and it would be right at home with you and your Xim Apex!

This sleek mouse has 11 programmable buttons, RGB and an absurdly sensitive 25k sensor that will pick up your every move and translate it flawlessly to your games!  

If you’re a fan of Logitch and you need one mouse that does everything, this is the best choice for you!

Budget Pick: AUKEY Scarab

AUKEY Scarab

Better than it has any right to be

The AUKEY Scarab represents an up-and-coming contendender in the PC accessories market at the peak of their game!  Aukey has been making waves for a few years with their decidedly mid-range products offered at bargain-bin prices, and this particular mouse may be the best example of their approach.

6 programmable buttons, a braided cable, RGB and a 7200dpi sensor should not be in a mouse that looks and feels this good – for so cheap!  If you want a budget mouse that defies expectations – stop reading and snag this one up before they realize the price is wrong!

Luxury Pick: Razer Naga Pro

Razer Naga Pro

The real top pick – for high-rollers

The Razer Naga Pro is the answer to the age-old question – what happens when you make the best better?  The Pro is an updated and – most importantly – wireless version of the Trinity and it doesn’t disappoint.  

Major tweaks include a more ergonomic 6-button panel (replacing the Trinity’s 7-button panel), a 20k sensor and as mentioned – the option to go fully wireless!  If you want a mouse that does everything and then some – here you go!

Best Portable: Logitech MX Anywhere 3

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is ideal for anyone who likes to play console games in, well, console gamer seating!  Logitech has designed this mouse to be used flawlessly on virtually any surface, including a couch arm, pant leg or bedsheet!

Lots of thoughtful touches exceed what you may have thought was possible in this situation – 2.4ghz wireless, 4,000dpi sensor, 3 programmable buttons and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 70 hours!  

If you want to upgrade your game but not your seating, this is the best choice for use with your Xim Apex!

Best for Immersion: SteelSeries Rival 710

The SteelSeries Rival 710 does a lot of great things you’ve come to expect a gaming mouse to do, that much goes without saying.  However, this mouse has an interesting trick up its sleeve that will be more familiar to console gamers than those on PC – vibration!  

12,000dpi sensor?  Check.  RGB?  Check.  An OLED screen for displaying programmed presets?  Check!  Haptic vibration feedback?  Check!  

If you want a mouse but think you’ll miss the vibes, go with this one!

What to Look for in a Mouse for Xim Apex

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best mouse for your Xim Apex.  The most important factors are as follows:


Standard USB is the only choice (sorry, Bluetooth lovers) unless you want to buy additional hardware – which you don’t!  Wired or wireless is fine, so long as the mouse is connected to the Xim via USB!  

Onboard Memory

Programmable mice are virtually ubiquitous with gaming, but a huge problem is presented when considering that most of the programming is saved on PC or in the cloud!  When choosing a mouse for your Xim Apex, you’ll want to ensure that it supports saving the settings on the mouse itself!


It goes without saying that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this mouse!  Consider where you’ll be playing – desk, coffee table, couch or otherwise – you’ll want a mouse that goes with you and keeps you immersed in the game!  Lightweight, high-dpi mice are always a great choice.  Also consider that wireless mice will almost always provide superior comfort as you won’t have to mess with cords getting tangled or snagging!

Last Updated on April 16, 2021