The Best Mouse for PUBG

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, stormed onto the gaming scene in 2017 and changed the entire industry overnight!  PUBG’s unique competitive-shooter-in-a-sandbox formula spawned the battle royale genre, and today maintains a massive playerbase on virtually every modern gaming platform!

Of course, hardcore gamers will continue to swear that the PC version is superior, largely due to the advantage mice convey in FPS games.  With that being said, you’re going to need to gear up before dropping-in!  The following are the best mice for PUBG, according to players all over the world!

The Top-Rated Mouse for PUBG

Editor's PickMouseScore
Top PickRazer Basilisk v292%
Runner UpCorsair M65 RGB Elite90%
Budget PickLogitech G300s88%
Luxury PickRazer Basilisk Ultimate94%
Best Left-HandedSteelSeries Sensei 31090%

Top Pick: Razer Basilisk v2

The Razer Basilisk v2 feels as if it’s made specifically for PUBG!  There’s so much to love here, from the 20k DPI sensor to the speedflex cable to the adjustable-tension wheel, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the unique “clutch” trigger that rests just under the tip of your thumb.

This adjustable clutch can be used for whatever you prefer, but the intent is to use it as an on-the-fly dpi brake for super-effective sniping! 

This is one of those rare instances wherein something is even cooler in practice than in description.  If you’re serious about PUBG, or any competitive FPS for that matter, Razer Basilisk v2 is hard to beat!

Runner-Up: Corsair M65 RGB Elite

The Corsair M65 RGB Elite comes in hot on the heels of the top pick!  This aggressively-styled mouse features an aluminum frame with adjustable weights – this ensures not only epic durability for the long run, but custom-tuned center-of-gravity that always feels right.  Also featured is Corsair’s response to the top pick’s clutch – a programmable thumb button marked with a conspicuous crosshair!  

All said, this is another perfect PUBG mouse!

Budget Pick: Logitech G300s

Logitech G300s

Cheap chicken dinners

The Logitech G300s is a great mouse with a low barrier-to-entry!  This ambidextrous optical mouse is designed from the ground-up for maximum efficiency, but that doesn’t mean you’re starved of features here!

With 9 programmable buttons all on the face of the mouse, it also makes an interesting solution for disabled gamers who need a wide array of inputs at their fingertips.  

If you’re looking to get out with chicken dinners at the lowest price possible, you’ll be surprised how much bang you’ll get for your buck with this one!

Luxury Pick: Razer Basilisk Ultimate

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate is, as the name suggests, the top pick’s final form!  Featuring improved RGB, sensor and grips, additional features would just be overkill.  

Overkill it is!  The Ultimate includes an attractive charger dock to display and refuel this beautiful beast between matches.  

If you want to buy the best of the best and don’t mind dropping almost $200 on a mouse, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this one! No wonder it’s our luxury pick for the best gaming mouse for palm grip.

Best Left-Handed: SteelSeries Sensei 310

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a stellar choice for lefties!  Featuring a smooth-as-butter PixArt 12k DPI sensor, super-grippy rubber and a rugged design that looks like it’d be at home on the dashboard of a Tesla Cybertruck – this is one great PUBG mouse!

Lefties don’t have to adapt – get a mouse that adapts to you!

What to Look for in a Mouse for PUBG

Not all mice are well-suited for PUBG; make sure you prioritize the following when choosing your primary weapon:


Nothing you do with your mouse matters one bit if the information isn’t being instantly relayed to the game!  Bluetooth is out of the question here; your choice is between wired mice – and those with dedicated 2.4/5ghz wireless.  You can’t go wrong with either, but you’ll pay a premium for the luxury of low-latency wireless!


As you increase your mastery of your tool, you’ll want to gradually increase the sensitivity of your input until you find a perfect DPI for you.  The best PUBG mice will be those that have a high DPI range (generally speaking, 8k+) and allow for small, incremental adjustments.  All of the mice have programmable buttons that can be used to adjust DPI on the fly, which is awesome for sniping!


Let’s face it – you’re going to be clicking A LOT.  Nothing hurts more than losing your ability to play mid-game!  Make sure your PUBG mouse is a mouse designed to withstand the abuse you’re certain to be doling-out!  All of the mice on this list are built to take a beating! 

Last Updated on October 26, 2020

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