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The Best Mouse For Joint Pain: Ultimate Guide

If you’re working with computers for long hours and are suffering from arthritis, or joint pain in general, then using an ergonomic mouse is one of the first things you should do. Not only will they ease your joint pain, they’ll also help if you’re suffering from elbow, finger, or hand pain!

The Top-Rated Mice for Joint Pain

Editor's PickMouseScore
Top PickLogitech M57091%
Runner UpJelly Comb Bluetooth90%
Budget PickLEKVEY Vertical88%
Luxury PickEvoluent VerticalMouse 493%
Also GreatKensington Orbit89%
Best for GamingDELUX M618 PLUS RGB91%

Top Pick: Logitech M570

Logitech M570
  • Stop chasing a mouse around. Your trackball stays in one place and puts control under your thumb, so you don't have to move your arm to move your cursor. And its sculpted shape supports your hand for comfortable control all day long.
  • This trackball includes the Logitech unifying receiver. The tiny wireless receiver stays in your laptop, so there's no need to unplug it when you move around. Plus, you can easily add a compatible keyboard, number pad or mouse-without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.
  • You can go for up to 18 months without changing batteries and the convenient battery indicator helps to ensure that you'll never be caught off guard. Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.
  • You get precise cursor control wherever you want to use your trackball. Hard tables, comfy sofas and lumpy beds are all no problem for the M570.
  • The integrated scroll wheel and easy-to-reach back/forward buttons make control simple, whether you're web surfing on a laptop or navigating a home-theater PC.

The Logitech M570 has been in the market for a few years now and is still one of the go-to options for an ergonomic trackball mouse and for a good reason. Backed by Logitech’s excellent build quality, good performance and a decent price, you can’t go wrong with the M570 as your first trackball mouse.

The shape of the M570 allows you to rest your palm on it very comfortably. The pinky rest is a pleasant bonus, and the trackball on the thumb side allows you to move your cursor without needing to move your hand, thus minimizing any joint pain on your forearm and wrist. The rest of the buttons are the standard ones you find in every mouse and feel good to use. 

The M570 connects to your Windows or Mac computer via 2.4 GHz wireless, and sports an outstanding battery life of up to 18 months. Thanks to the trackball design, you can pretty much use it on any surface and the tracking will remain precise and accurate, provided you keep the trackball dirt free. 

Runner-Up: Jelly Comb Bluetooth

Jelly Comb Bluetooth
  • ERGONOMIC TRACKBALL MOUSE: With the smooth and precision trackball, you no longer need to move your arm for the movement of the cursor. Your thumb will control the cursor instead. It will effectively reduce fatigue and strain for your wrist and arm
  • BLUETOOTH & 2.4G WIRELESS CONNECTION:This ergonomic wireless trackball mouse has dual connection modes BT 4.0 and 2.4G wireless (USB Nano Receiver stored in the mouse bottom), you can connect up to 3 different devices at the same time, switch freely between Android, tablet and Mac with just one button
  • RECHARGEABLE WITH USB-C PORT: The Bluetooth Trackball Mouse built-in 600mAh lithium battery. No need to change batteries. It can last 1 month per one full recharge. Please remember to turn it off if you do not use it for a long time
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE DPI: 3 adjustable DPI level 1000/1600/2400, easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity. Provide a fantastic using experience of fast response, smooth tracking, precise movement
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Universally works with Windows, Android, Mac OS PC Laptop Desktop, etc. Bluetooth mode works with Windows / Android / MAC OS system, won’t occupy any USB port. 2.4GHz mode works with laptop, desktop or any device with USB port, simply plug the USB receiver into the USB port and you are ready to go

The Jelly Comb Bluetooth has a simplistic design and is constructed of matte plastic, which feels sturdy and durable. It’s quite large to accompany your entire hand, but since you don’t have to move it around, it doesn’t require as much space on your desk.

Generally, trackball mice are preferred by people suffering from joint pain, as the trackball itself allows the user to move the cursor with their thumb rather than their hand or wrist. This prevents fatigue and reduces joint pain overall. The Jelly Comb’s main body is also slightly tilted to keep your hand in a more natural position for added comfort. 

The Jelly Comb uses both Bluetooth and a USB dongle for connection. It can connect to 3 Windows, MacOS, or Android devices simultaneously and switch between them with the mode button. The built-in battery claims up to 1 month of usage and the mouse recharges via USB C. There is also a DPI button to switch between the 3 DPI settings for optimal cursor speed.

Budget Pick: LEKVEY Vertical

LEKVEY Vertical
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC, SLEEK AND RECHARGEABLE DESIGN -- Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain
  • ✔ MULTIFUNCTION AND CONVENIENT -- Advanced "Page Back" and "Page Forward" functionality buttons provide convenience when web page browsing. 800 /1200/1600 DPI Levels -- Easily adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse
  • ✔ HIGH-CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY -- Built-in rechargeable battery. You no longer need to buy batteries, very convenient !! EASY TO USE -- One nano USB receiver at the bottom of mouse, Just Plug and Play!
  • ✔ WIDELY COMPATIBLE -- Widely compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux. 【Note: Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple Products】 Once you get used to the ergonomic mouse, you will love it so much !
  • ✔ GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE -- Rest assured that all our 7Lucky ergonomic vertical mouse have unconditional 18-month product warranty ( Replace or Refund ) as well as lifetime easy-to-reach technical support

The LEKVEY Vertical is an affordable vertical mouse that offers all the ergonomic benefits of other, more expensive mice, at a fraction of the price. Its plastic construction feels durable, while keeping a low weight, which is good for portability. There is also an LED light on the side to show you when the device is fully charged.

The vertical design of the LEKVEY keeps your hand in a natural “handshake” position. This reduces strain in your wrist and forearm, which can be very helpful if you are suffering from chronic joint pain or arthritis. The mouse features the standard click buttons, which are very durable, a scroll wheel and two web navigation buttons.

The LEKVEY has very good sensor performance for the price, and with the 3 DPI settings you should be able to find one that suits you. It connects to your computer via a small USB receiver housed on the bottom of the mouse. The battery life is on the lower side, lasting for about a week, but it charges quickly with the included charging cable.

Luxury Pick: Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4
  • POINTER SPEED INDICATORS: Top mounted LEDs show through the chrome thumb rest to indicate selected pointer speed.
  • IMPROVED THUMB REST: The thumb rest has been reshaped to provide even more comfort over earlier versions.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: The shape is thoughtfully sculpted for uncompromising comfort and easy-to-reach programmable buttons.
  • POWERFUL AND INTUITIVE DRIVER: Evoluent Mouse Manager provides extensive but easy to use functionality for 6 buttons through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY: VerticalMouse is plug-n-play compatible with all operating systems that support USB. Basic button and wheel functions work without additional drivers. SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY: VerticalMouse comes with Mouse Manager software for customizing the buttons. Mouse Manager is compatible with: Windows 7 and 10 Mac OS 10.5 to 10.14 (update for 10.15 is under development. Third party software may be used in place of Mouse Manager for OS 10.15.)

The VerticalMouse 4 is one of the newest iterations of a classic design made by Evoluent, the brand that released the first ever vertical mouse. The VM4 is built like a tank with premium materials all around. There are both wired and wireless versions, for right-handed and left-handed users, so you will definitely get the best mouse for your needs.

The VerticalMouse 4 is bulky but contours perfectly to your hand thanks to its very well placed thumb and pinky rest. The purpose of the mouse is to keep your forearm in a neutral position with no tension, to eliminate any pain in your joints and ensure a comfortable user experience. The click buttons are very sturdy and the navigation buttons are well placed and easy to reach.

What makes the VM4 stand out is Evoluent’s excellent software, which allows you to have 4 DPI settings on the fly, as well as program different functions like copying and pasting or brightness control to any of the buttons on the mouse. This gives you more functionality with your mouse, enhancing your overall experience.

Also Great: Kensington Orbit

Kensington Orbit
  • Optical tracking technology provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy so you can get where you want on the screen Quickly with less hand movement, improving productivity and efficiency; The blue 40mm ball has been specially designed with an absolute spherical, hard surface for precise tracking and control
  • Unique scroll Ring let you move up and down web pages or documents with ease; ambidextrous design works equally well for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Detachable Wrist rest softly cushions and cradles the hand and wrist in an ergonomic position for pain-free productivity during extended periods of activity on the computer
  • Free downloadable KensingtonWorks software provides a personalized experience, giving you the ability to assign a wide variety of program functions to each of the 2 buttons, as well as adjusting cursor and scrolling speeds
  • ChromeOS user can get HID functions for a trackball but will not be able to customize their device through KensingtonWorks.

The Kensington Orbit is a trackball mouse that is ideal for people with pain in their hands and joints, as it can be stationed on your desk and you don’t need to move it around. It has a compact size and, while it does have a cheap feel, the plastic seems dense enough to last for a while. There is also an included wrist rest, which is detachable if you prefer not to use it.

You can use the Orbit with one hand, or place it in the middle of your setup to operate with both hands. Either way, the ability to move the mouse cursor using the trackball with your palm or fingers, without the need for hand movement, will save you from a lot of joint pain. The scroll ring is also very smooth for scrolling and the two additional side buttons have a tactile feel.

With Kensington’s software you can program the side buttons to functions of your liking and also adjust the speed of the scroll ring and the cursor speed. In order for the trackball to keep working properly, you should remove and clean it every once in a while to prevent gunk buildup.

Best for Gaming: DELUX M618 PLUS RGB

  • M618 Plus vertical mouse - wired,with RGB colorful LED light,Size: 107 x 95 x 90 mm with 1.6m length cord,Weight: 290g. 6 buttons,Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing.
  • Ergonomic Design - Volute Bionic Shape,Unique vertical mouse with special volute bionic design, alleviates the arm discomfort and stiff feeling,let you say goodbye to "mouse hand".
  • Removable Palm Rest - anti-slip anti-sweat, more comfortable.The wrist support eases pain and fatigue associated with using a mouse for a prolonged period of time.
  • Adjustable sensitivity - Adjustable DPI 5 mode (800/1200/1600/2400/4000 DPI), quickly and easily adjust different DPI corresponding to meet your various need.
  • Wide Compatibility - Well compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8 and Linux etc. Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, Mac book and other devices ( It is not compatible Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6) and the Backward/Forward button are unavailable in Mac Os).

The DELUX M618 PLUS RGB is designed for serious gamers who also have problems with arthritis. It offers great ergonomics and excellent performance in games. It’s quite large, so it won’t be ideal for users with smaller hands, but it’s also lightweight so you can move it more easily. It also comes with a wrist rest for added comfort and RGB lighting to match it to your setup.

The M618 has a vertical design to maintain your hand in a more natural position than traditional mice. This alleviates some of the pain in your joints and will allow you to game comfortably for many hours. The main buttons of the mouse are very responsive and tactile, and the navigation buttons are well placed and easy to reach.

The M618 features an excellent sensor that tracks really well on most surfaces. Also, there are 5 different DPI settings that you can switch to using the button on the bottom of the mouse. The software allows you to program all the buttons and set the RGB lights to your liking. Thanks to the onboard memory, you can have your settings anywhere you go.

What to Look for in a Mouse

If you are in the market for a new mouse to help you reduce joint pain, then keep in mind the following factors:


People who suffer from severe joint pain or arthritis, generally prefer mice with trackballs, so they don’t need to move their hands around, thus greatly reducing strain on their joints. If you only have mild joint pains or simply don’t want to bother with the learning curve of the trackball, you can get away with using another type of ergonomic mouse, such as a vertical one.

Ergonomic Design

Whatever type of mouse you choose to go for, you should always make sure it contours properly to your hand and leaves it in a neutral position. This will decrease the load on your wrist and forearm, which will reduce joint pain in the long run.

Build Quality and Features

You need to make sure your new mouse has all the features you need, like Bluetooth connectivity or programmable buttons. Also, you should be buying mice from reputable brands that are built with high quality materials so they can last for many years of daily use.

Last Updated on March 1, 2021