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The 6 Best Gaming Monitors Under $250: Ultimate Guide

Whether you’ve just built your first gaming rig, you’re adding a second display to your laptop or anything in-between – you need a great display to bring your games to life!  The following are the absolute best gaming monitors for those on a modest budget, as determined by user reviews from all around the web!

The Top-Rated Gaming Monitors Under $250

Editor's PickMonitorScore
Top PickAsus VG278QR92%
Runner UpAcer XFA240/XFA240Q90%
Budget PickSceptre 1800R88%
Best 1440pSceptre E325W-2560AD90%
Best CurvedSceptre C275B-1858RN90%
Best UltrawideLG 29WN600-W91%

Top Pick: Asus VG278QR

Asus VG278QR

Asus edges out the competition with uncompromising quality

The Asus VG278QR represents years of consistent improvement on the venerable manufacturer’s part, based on feedback from users in addition to rapidly improving technology.  For the end-user, this translates to a product that has everything gamers demand and nothing they don’t!  

This 27” monitor comes with a great adjustable stand, and outputs beautiful FHD with virtually no latency at up to 165Hz.  Surprisingly, this unit is compatible with both G-Sync and Freesync!

If you want a great monitor at a great price point without compromising on the things that matter, go with Asus VG278QR!

Runner-Up: Acer XFA240/XFA240Q

Acer XFA240/XFA240Q

A more efficient choice with savings to match

The Acer XFA240/XFA240Q boasts similar specs and features to the top pick, but measures in at 24” and saves you money by splitting the offering into 2 different SKUs – One is GSync compatible, the other is Freesync compatible.

As manufacturers pay license fees for use of these technologies, Acer is able to pass savings onto customers by only offering one of these at a time.  

If the top pick sounds like a great buy but you’d like to shave a chunk off the cost – this is your best bet!

Budget Pick: Sceptre 1800R

Sceptre 1800R

Great gaming for way less than you’d expect

The Sceptre 1800R is a perfect example of how far gaming monitors have come in recent years as manufacturers have competed for consumers’ wallets at unprecedented scale.  The best side-effect of this hyper-competitive market has been the dramatic decrease in price of great entry-level monitors!

This curved unit measures 24” and outputs FHD at a respectable 75Hz.  As you may have guessed, Sceptre has opted to skip certification with AMD or Nvidia in order to keep costs down with this monitor – but it may well be a great tradeoff when you consider this unit is roughly half the price of the top pick!

Best 1440p: Sceptre E325W-2560AD

The Sceptre E325W-2560AD is another great monitor at a great price that cuts a few corners in order to provide great features at a great price! 

As was the case with the budget pick, this one eschews special certifications and high refresh (85Hz here).  In return, you’ll get a 32”(!) QHD monitor that does great with games!

If you’re happy to sacrifice some frames in favor of some pixels, this is the monitor for you!

Best Curved: Sceptre C275B-1858RN

Sceptre C275B-1858RN

Another compelling proposition from Sceptre

The Sceptre C275B-1858RN is another great example of the company’s uncompromising vision for, well, compromise!  This gorgeous curved screen measures 27” and pumps FHD at up to 185Hz!  They even added Freesync!

Where’s the tradeoff?  Many users complain that the built-in speakers are very poor.  The good news for most gamers is that the vast majority have no use for monitor speakers anyway as headsets or surround systems are the way to go!

If you’re one such gamer, you can’t go wrong with this monitor!

Best Ultrawide: LG 29WN600-W

LG 29WN600-W

For multitasking gamers

The LG 29WN600-W is a drop-dead gorgeous monitor from the legendary display manufacturer that manages to both meet the needs of most gamers and keep the price manageable!  

Boasting features such as AMD Freesync up to 75Hz, HDR10 and 99%SRGB coverage, this 27’ultrawide FHD monitor is ideal for content creators who need to have multiple windows displayed simultaneously.

if you’re not a frame junky and you need a bit more real estate on your screen, this is a great choice for you!

What to Look for in Gaming Monitors under $250

The sheer number of technical specifications to consider when shopping for a gaming monitor can be absolutely overwhelming: throw-in the absurd array of marketing jargon used in this hyper-competitive market and you have a recipe for disarray!  Do yourself a favor – look past the hype and minutiae and focus on these key factors:

Refresh Rate and Freesync Vs. G-Sync 

If you have a system capable of running your games at a high frame rate, you’ll want a display to match!  Most gamers can’t discern between 120Hz or 144Hz should be your target, but you could get by with less if you prefer a higher resolution or other features.  Additionally, if you have a Freesync-compatible AMD graphics card you’ll want to ensure you buy a monitor that takes advantage of it!  Likewise, Nvidia GPU users will want a monitor with G-Sync!  These technologies aren’t absolutely necessary for casual gamers but hobbyists and aspiring pros will kick themselves for skimping here!

Panel Types

This is another unbelievably deep rabbit hole to dive into, but that is a (mercifully) fruitless endeavor at this price point!  Save yourself time and heartache by avoiding any monitor in this price range that does not have an IPS or TN panel.  Simply put, IPS and TN panels are far-and-away the best pairing of accurate and even color reproduction, fast refresh rates, brightness and contrast you’ll find south of $250.  Seriously, avoid the temptation to buy a budget OLED if you intend to game on it!  You’ve been warned!


Again, this is something you could spend a week researching and ruminating with – but that work has been done for you!  You only need to consider the following:  Do you have a PC/laptop capable of outputting 1440p at high framerates?  If so, you’ll want a QHD monitor.  If not, FHD is your best bet! 

Last Updated on January 23, 2021