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The 7 Best Load Cell Pedals: Ultimate Guide

Sim racing has gone from a small niche in PC gaming to a huge hobby for many gamers in recent years, thanks to increasingly great games, VR and specialized hardware. Load cell sim racing pedals are among the most essential peripherals for sim racing, and this guide has been carefully crafted to help you find the best set of load cell sim racing pedals!

The Top-Rated Load Cell Pedals

Editor's PickPedalsScore
Top PickThrustmaster T-LCM90%
Runner-UpFanatec CSL Elite LC91%
Luxury PickRealGear GTpro3 Xtreme Tilton95%
Luxury Runner-UpSimworx Pro GT V3.194%
Most DurableHeusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint93%
Most ImmersiveFanatec ClubSport V395%
Also GreatProtoSimTech PT292%

Top Pick: Thrustmaster T-LCM

Thrustmaster T-LCM
  • Magnetic sensor technology, with no contact or potentiometers, for unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy
  • Load Cell force sensor technology up to 220 lb 100 kg of pressure, for the perfect amount of braking power
  • Adjustable mechanical brake force thanks to the set of 6 springs included with the pedal set, for a multitude of quick adjustments
  • Independently adjustable pedals ( spacing and inclination) for optimized gaming comfort according to the user’s preferences
  • Calibration software allows for adjustment of the brake force, plus the dead zones for all 3 pedals

The Thrustmaster T-LCM checks a lot of boxes for a lot of sim racing fans, and it’s easy to recommend as the top entry level load cell set of pedals currently on the market. The first big thing going for this set is something that it is fully compatible with the Thrustmaster accessory ecosystem, meaning that is works with all of their sim racing wheel sets right out of the box.

Combining load cells with a unique magnetic system, Thrustmaster has created an all-metal setup here that is massively customizable and has adjustability that is beyond the needs of most. Each adjustable pedal has a full menu of adjustability options, and the brake pedal has a set of 6 springs to choose from so that you can get the braking force just right for your sim racing rig.

The most telling aspect of any product’s online presence comes in the form of reviews, and almost all of the reviews for this offering from Thrustmaster are glowing! The cherry on the metaphorical sundae here is the price; while this pedal set isn’t cheap, it is on the low end of load cell pedal offerings – making this arguably the best value on the market!

Runner-Up: Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC

Fanatec CSL Elite LC Fanatec CSL Elite LC

Yet another great pedal set from Fanatec, with fantastic customizability, load cell technology, and an approachable price point

The Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC are a feature-rich set of load cell pedals that also check all of the boxes at reasonable price point, and deserve to be right at the top of this list. Featuring a full metal design and an aluminum frame, this three-pedals set is lightweight and agile. Like the Thrustmaster set, these are highly customizable in a number of ways; unlike the Thrustmaster set, much of the customization here is done digitally from an attached PC – this is one of the finer points of differentiation between our two top picks, and fans of Fanatec will already have a good idea of what they’re getting into in that regard.

Another important design distinction is that the Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedals can be removed from the heelrest, to be installed independently in your sim rig if need be. Most pedal sets on this list are either permanently installed and affixed to their included heelrests, or don’t include a heelrest at all – so this is a great value add on the part of Fanatec!

Yet another important design distinction with this pedal set is that it can connect directly to your PC via USB or into a Fanatec wheel base, making it highly versatile and simple to use in most setups. Obviously, this list of unique and great features could go on for days, so let’s end with this: Fanatec has put together a great package with the Fanatec CSL Elite LC pedals, and you’d be wise to consider them a top option for your racing rig!

Luxury Pick: RealGear GTpro3 Xtreme Tilton

No expense was spared in the creation of this set of luxury pedals

The RealGear GTpro3 Xtreme Tilton is an unbelievably expensive piece of kit that is hard to recommend to most sim racing fans, but it does have the quality of materials and master engineering needed to back up the egregious price tag. “High end” would be an understatement with regard to this set of pedals; a visit to Ricmotech’s website offers a story behind each of the unique design considerations, and it’s easy to see how this approach to crafting perfection has translated into increased cost for sim racing consumers.

Designed to be used with PC racing sims as well as simulators like those found in driving schools or commercial testing equipment, these load cell pedals come with an electronic control module that plugs directly into your PC for effortless communication with your sim racing games. Each of the three pedals was designed independently of the others, ensuring that care was taken to make the brake, throttle and clutch as perfect as possible. Whereas the clutch simulates the feel of a real hydraulic system, the brake features a genuine hydraulic pedal for unmatched realism.

If you demand nothing but the best sim racing experience, and don’t mind spending more on a set of load cells than most gamers will spend on their entire rigs, you can’t do any better than this, the final boss of all pedal sets.

Luxury Runner-Up: Simworx Pro GT V3.1

Another pricey set for those who demand ultimate performance

The Simworx Pro GT V3.1 is another expensive (although not quite as much so) that offers a lot more than most sim racing fans would ever need – but will drool over all the same. This sleek billet aluminum set is perhaps the most adjustable of any on this list, with a modular design and included toolkit to ensure you can place everything precisely where you want it for maximum control and comfort.

Among those modular pieces is a matching alloy base that allows for an innumerable array of placement configurations for the pedals, or you can eschew the piece entirely in favor of installing to another part of your rig such as a mount or seat. These pedals connect directly to your PC via USB, and are compatible with most any racing wheel rig imaginable.

While this pedal set doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of luxury design, it does offer perhaps the most customizable feature set on the market today, and it’s worth consideration for sim racers with a big budget and a need for amazing pedals.

Most Durable: Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint

A beautiful, efficient set of pedals built for the long haul

The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint are a great-looking pedal set that are lightweight and light on fluff – perfect for sim racing rigs that are clean and efficient. The all-metal construction of each pedal has been thoughtfully designed, and the main components are made out of CNC precision laser cut steel – giving this set a sleek industrial aesthetic that is at once striking and easy on the eyes.

Heusinkveld Engineering tout a durability rating for this set at over one million cycles per pedal, which is likely more than even a professional driver would need in a lifetime of racing – but the quality of craftsmanship on display here as well as glowing reviews from users suggests that they aren’t telling a tall tale.

While the of the entry-level sets on this list earn top placement for great value, this one misses top mark marks for the sheer fact that they are relatively expensive. If you don’t mind spending a lot more for custom engineering and an improved experience, it’s certainly worth considering this pedal set for your racing rig!

Most Immersive: Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3

Another gorgeous set of pedals that’s ready to hit the road

The Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 are yet another great product that only really misses top placement due to pricing concerns, but anyone who doesn’t mind paying a little extra will find a lot to love here with this pedal set. The star of the show here is the new and improved brake pedal that features a ludicrous degree of adjustability for the most precisely detailed response imaginable.

At nearly double the cost of Fanatec’s entry level pedals though, Fanatec ClubSport V3 needs to do a little bit better than that, right? Thankfully, they deliver with other thoughtful additions: included are an optional damper kit for throttle and brake pedals, colorful cnc-machined aluminum, and optional extension arms for the pedals.

While this pedal set is USB and functional with just about any racing rig, a really unique feature is only unlocked by connecting directly to a Fanatec wheel base: vibration motors on the brake and throttle pedals that add unrivaled immersion to the proceedings by simulating effects such as oversteer and locking tires.

Long story short: if you’re already in the Fanatec ecosystem, or thinking of moving in that direction, you can’t do much better than these awesome pedals.

Also Great: ProtoSimTech PT2

Among the best pedals out there, if you can find them

The ProtoSimTech PT2 is one of the most sought-after pedal sets on the market, and it’s easy to see why – they’re amazingly well-crafted! While the price is certainly a turn-off for many sim racers, users who have actually managed to get their hands on this set of pedals all seem to agree that they’re worth more than the asking price.

Featuring all aluminum and stainless steel construction, this set has a rather generic and unobtrusive appearance, and the fact that each pedal is independently mountable means that you can install them basically anywhere. User reviews are seemingly universally great, and sim racing forums all over the internet regularly point toward this pedal set for “best of” lists; frankly, we may be more inclined to do so as well if it were possible to get some for testing!

What to Look for in Load Cell Pedals

Here are three crucial factors to bear in mind when choosing a set of load cell pedals:

Build Quality

No two products are ever truly created equal, and that is especially true with load cell brake pedal products. The best sim racing pedals need to be built from strong materials and must be engineered to exacting specifications in order to stand up the sort of force that sim racing demands of gamers. Whereas the set of pedals in a real life vehicle must also be durable and reliable, they are usually built for a specific model or line of cars; a set of pedals for sim racing must also be capable of being installed and used in a wider variety of situations. It’s no wonder so many of these sim racing pedal sets are built from the same materials as the real thing – often taking the form of 1:1 replicas to real pedal sets.

While you can rest assured that every load cell pedal set on this list is built to last, take into consideration the build materials while shopping and make sure you’re getting sim pedals that will meet your needs for years to come – prioritize build quality!


There are a number of compatibility considerations when shopping for your load cell pedals. The number one thing to ensure is that you’ll be able to plug your pedals into your sim racing wheel base – if you haven’t already purchased a wheel base for your racing rig, it is advised that you make that choice first and foremost, as all other sim racing peripherals will use it as an input hub. Once you’ve got your sim racing wheel base, you’ll want to get pedals that are able to plug into it via one of the standard input formats: PS/2 or RJ12 cables. There are of course converters to change one of the connector types to the other – and most of these pedal sets will be compatible – but make sure to check the pedal info sheet before making any purchases.

Many sim racer fans will appreciate the ease of upgrading their sim rig that comes with dedicating to a single sim racing peripheral maker’s ecosystem – be it Thrustmaster, Fanatec or otherwise. While loyalty to a brand is certainly not necessary, it’s worth considering how much hassle it may save you in the long run!

Lastly – and this is another consideration that can be largely ignored if you you’ve already decided on a sim racing wheel base – is console compatibility. Most load cell pedal sets’ compatibility with PlayStations and Xboxes will be predicated upon the compatibility of the connected wheel base – but if you intend to purchase for console use or think you may want to use your pedals on consoles in the future, check with the manufacturer’s info sheet before making your purchases!


As you’ve likely realized by now, the prices on the best load cell brake pedal sets varies wildly. While there is usually a tangible benefit associated with increasing prices, there are also likely diminishing returns as the price goes up – for all but the very most demanding of sim racing fans. If you need the best of the best sim pedals, we don’t want to deter you from the high end stuff! If you’re one of those sim racers who are after a good set of pedals and don’t want to break the bank, there’s no shame at all in veering toward some of the lower-priced entry level options on the page!

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