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The 6 Best Lighting Setups for Streaming: Ultimate Guide

Streamers have a lot to consider when planning-out their studio, and lighting is often something that falls out of mind.  This transgression will be rectified the first time a streamer boots up their camera and realizes they aren’t looking very professional!  Avoid this silly mistake by investing in a solid lighting solution! 

The Top-Rated Lighting for Streaming

Editor's PickLightingScore
Top PickNeewer Ring Light Kit (10088612)92%
Runner UpNeewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED90%
Budget PickVIEWOW 8 Selfie Ring Light88%
For Big RoomsFovitec 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit94%
Best for Fill LightingNeewer Upgraded 450W LED Softbox Lighting Kit90%
Best for TravellingLume Cube 2.088%

Top Pick: Neewer Ring Light Kit (10088612)

Neewer Ring Light Kit (10088612)

Versatile, high quality lighting that will meet most streamers’ needs

Neewer is a name that streamers will recognize, but the Neewer Ring Light Kit (10088612) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  The company produces all sorts of lighting and then ships the lighting with various configurations and with all manner of mounts, accessories and so forth.  This particular kit is perhaps the absolute best starting point for an aspiring streamer.

This kit consists of a massive ring light that can be used as a key light in small or medium-sized rooms, or as a fill light in virtually any setting.  The included accessories allow users to mount the light just about anywhere one can imagine, as well as adjust the coloration of the light.  Also includes a carry case, tripod and remote control!  

This lighting kit is so easy to recommend as it really does cover the needs of most at a great price!

Runner-Up: Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED

Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED

A simpler, cleaner solution for those in smaller rooms

The Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED is a great starting point for streamers who don’t need all of the additional accessories included with the top pick.  This particular light is better suited for those who simply need a strong key light that can be used in a small space and want to keep it simple!

If the top pick overwhelmed your wallet or if it’s all just too much to wrap your head around, start here instead – you may find that this unit does everything you need!

Budget Pick: VIEWOW 8″ Selfie Ring Light


A mini version of the top pick

The VIEWOW 8 is a much less-expensive entry point to stream lighting.  If you like the idea of a versatile starter kit but can’t swallow the cost of the top pick, this is a great alternative.

This lighting kit will serve as a great key light for streamers in a small room, regardless of the type of camera used.  Best of all, this compact unit can serve as a piece of a larger lighting kit should you need to add more later!

For Big Rooms: Fovitec 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit

The Fovitec 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit is a great solution – and value – for those who are streaming from a large room that needs a lot of light!  These powerful lights come with everything you need to set-up and transport your lights on the go, but also are sturdy and professional enough to be used as permanent lighting in your streaming studio.  

Akin to lighting one might see in a photography studio, this kit will lend an air of professionalism to your streaming that may just put you over the top!

Best for Fill Lighting: Neewer Upgraded 450W LED Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer Upgraded 450W LED Softbox Lighting Kit

For those who have a key light but need to clean up their stream

The Neewer Upgraded 450W LED Softbox Lighting Kit is the logical next step for those who have already purchased a great key light but need to eliminate dark areas of a room or eliminate shadows.  

This kit is highly adaptable, whether you need just a bit more lighting from a certain angle or if you need to illuminate a medium-sized room, this kit will take care of you!

Best for Travelling: Lume Cube 2.0

Lume Cube 2.0

This little light is BRIGHT

The Lume Cube 2.0 is a great lighting solution for streamers who don’t have a large area to light and/or who need to travel light.  Designed specifically to be mounted to a laptop, GoPro or dslr camera, you can rest assured that this thing will fit in the smallest of spaces.

Don’t let it’s size fool you though; this light is bright!  If you want to keep it simple and discreet, the Lume Cube 2.0 is a great entry point for stream lighting!

What to Look for in Lighting for Streaming

Lighting for streaming may seem like a simple thing to understand at first, but a few minutes of searching for solutions will leave most streamers scratching their heads.  For the sake of your sanity, focus on these factors and start with the basics!

Key Lighting

There are all sorts of lights for various use cases and some kits provide far more than most streamers need.  On the other hand, it IS possible to go too small.  As a general rule of thumb, most streamers will need to start with a primary, bright light source known as a “key light”.  If in doubt, start here and work your way to the rest!

Room Size

The larger your streaming environment, the more lights you will likely need in order to achieve proper, even illumination.  However, many users will choose to only illuminate a focused area – this is both cost-effective and can lead to great contrast between the streamer and their surroundings.  Consider starting with a key light then adding “fill lights” as needed!

Other Sources of Light

If you’re already streaming in a reasonably-lit room, you may need only a solid key light for frontal illumination.  Inversely, a dark interior room may need more comprehensive coverage.  Again, the best idea is to start small and work your way up rather than going overboard and buying a ton of extra equipment!

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