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The 5 Best Cheap Sim Racing Wheel Stands

Some racing sim fanatics prefer racing stands over full-blown cockpits, but many find that these come at quite expensive price points. It’s for this reason that we’ve searched for the best racing sim wheel stands available in 2021 at an affordable price-tag. 

The Top-Rated Cheap Racing Wheel Stands

Editor's PickWheel StandRating
Top PickVEVOR G92090%
Runner UpMorphorn Racing88%
Luxury PickNext Level Racing Lite91%
Also GreatMarada G92085%
Honorable MentionZIOSTAND V285%

Top Pick: VEVOR G920

VEVOR G920 Steering Wheel Stand
A sturdy, adjustable, resistant stand which will satisfy your every need. 

The VEVOR G920 may have the Logitech wheel name in its title, but don’t let that fool you. This great stand is designed to fit all Fanatec wheels, the G29/290 (and the older G series models) and the Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458 & T500RS wheels. Fret not if your wheel doesn’t appear on this list, however, as there’s plenty of space that allows you to clamp it and still make use of the stand. 

Other than great compatibility, the stand also accomplishes everything you could possibly dream of and more. It’s almost fully adjustable both in terms of the height of various components as well as their angles, allowing you to find the position that suits your personal needs the best. Speaking of adjustability, it also allows you to change the gear shifter holder to whatever side you may prefer, allowing those who prefer a right-handed drive to not be forced into left-handed drives. The stand itself is very well built from materials including carbon steel, giving it a very high quality feel and finish. This makes the stand sturdy and you could be worried about it ruining your floor, but you shouldn’t for two reasons. The first is that the stand is folded and put to the side incredibly easily and quickly (in a matter of seconds). The second is that, should you not want to fold the stand after using it, it has four rubber non-slip mats at the bottom of it. This not only stops the stand from ruining your floor but also adds stability, increasing the precision at which you may drive. 

Runner Up: Mophorn Racing

Mophorn Racing Simulator Steering Wheel Stand
Similar to our number one pick, the Mophorn is an excellent stand that falls into second place solely due to fewer compatibility options. 

Let’s start with the plethora of things to love about the Morphorn Racing. First off, it’s incredibly resistant. Much like the VEVOR it’s also made from carbon-steel and very clearly built to last. It has a fair amount of adjustability options (height, distance and angles of most parts), but we think the crowning jewel in terms of customisation potential here is the adjustable pedal plate. It helps so much to find just the right angle for your pedals. Also, like our top pick, the shifter mount can be changed from left to the right-hand side. 

Turning to the few flaws that made this fall into second place. First of all, comes compatibility. The Mophorn is not as compatible as the VEVOR. It supports all Fanatec and Logitech wheels, but there’s no mention of Thrustmaster anywhere. Theoretically one could try to clamp it to the stand, but we’re making no promises on the matter. Secondly comes a small inconvenience. You cannot easily fold and put this stand away. We’re big fans of stands that lack the central pillar (as it can be restricting and not as immersive), but they tend to be more spacious, so they should be easy to store. The Mophorn isn’t. 

Luxury Pick: Next Level Racing Lite

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite
“Good things come in small packages”, never has an idiom pertained better to the NLR Stand lite 

Normally speaking we aren’t fans of stands with central supporting poles/pillars, but the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite does such a phenomenal job it’s hard not to include it towards the top of our list. It’s compatible with all major brands (Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec), it’s quite resistant (though maybe not quite as much as the first two picks) and has multiple customisable aspects to it. From the height and angle of various parts to the side on which the shifter is mounted, you’ll be able to find what you need in this product. 

This small design is still aware that some users might not have a lot of space in which to have it open. That’s why is collapsible and can be folded in under 10 seconds to facilitate storage. As a final positive note, this is also a great product for those who are unsure as to whether they want a stand or a cockpit, as the Next Level Racing Lite can be upgraded to a cockpit. 

Unfortunately, it does have some drawbacks. The first is the central supporting pole/pillar. Not everyone finds these cumbersome and annoying, but a fair amount of people do. If you are one of these people or think you might be, then perhaps one of the first two picks is better suited for you. The second drawback is the price. It’s still very accessible mind you, but out of all the products included in this list, it’s the most expensive. Chances are that, if you’re looking for a product on a  “best cheap” list, this is a factor you’d want to keep in mind. 

Also Great: Marada G920

Marada G920 Racing Wheel Stand
A strongly built, ergonomic stand for a reasonable price 

The main aspect that should draw you into the Marada G920 is its ergonomic design. No matter whether you plan to use it while standing/ sitting at its max vertical extension, or whether you want it to be as compact as possible, racing on the Marada will always feel comfortable. Implied in this statement is the customisation of the Marada, which isn’t as extensive as the previous three members of our list, but still does a good job. You can also fold it into a surprisingly small size. The double spar design, coupled with a metal build, make this racing stand quite resistant and clearly made with a high build quality in mind. 

On the question of compatibility, the Marada is compatible with the Logitech G series (G29/290 all the way back to the G25) and the Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458 and T500RS. As far as we can tell it’s unfortunately not organically compatible with Fanatec wheels (though you could attempt to clamp them onto the surface). All in all, this is a good entry-level mount, but for a similar price, you can also find products like the Mophorn or the VEVOR. 

Honorable Mention: ZIOSTAND V2

ZIOSTAND Racing Steering Wheel Stand V2
A great stand for the Logitech G29/920, but other users might have to improvise

The ZIOSTAND V2 is a stable, easily portable, and adjustable stand. You can adjust the wheel tilt, height and distance from the driver. You can adjust the distance to the pedals. You can mount the shifter on either side. The best adjustable feature is the fact that the entire rig is entirely articulating, meaning that no matter what size you may be it’ll be a piece of cake to make it perfect for you. These are all fantastic features that might push you into buying this stand, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The ZIOSTAND doesn’t market itself as the best stand there is, but as a reliable one which will get the job done admirably. 

Unfortunately, the metal pole in the middle is a reoccurring problem with many stands, this one included. It’s also relatively on the high-end price-wise for a cheap stand (but it’s still cheaper than the NLR Lite). The last negative aspect is that, as far as we have been able to tell, the stand is only compatible with the Logitech G series (G29/920, G27 and G25). Some users have been able to fix their wheels (such as the Thrustmaster TMX) on the stand using the clamp, but your mileage may vary. Still, if you’re a G29/920 user this might be one of the best products out there for you. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2021