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The 6 Best Cheap Green Screens for Streaming

Streamers are always looking for ways to take their game to the next level. Like good lighting, green screens play a crucial role in helping streamers improve the quality of their stream.  These green screens are the best entry point for streamers looking to get there on a budget!

The Top-Rated Cheap Green Screens for Streaming

Editor's PickGreen ScreenScore
Top PickNeewer B07FTG3SKZ91%
Runner UpEMART B075VM76MV90%
Budget PickLimoStudio AGG133888%
Easy to UseGoodGamer Collapsible & Portable Webcam Backdrop87%
Best PortableNeewer Collapsible Backdrop88%
Best Extra-LargeIssuntex 10X16 ft90%

Top Pick: Neewer B07FTG3SKZ

Neewer B07FTG3SKZ
  • Kit Includes: (1)6.5ft X 9.8ft/2M X 3M Background Stand Support System; (3)6ft X 9ft/1.8M X 2.8M Backdrop (White,Black,Green); (2)Background Clips; (1)Carrying Bag
  • Background Stand Support System: The background stand is made of aluminum alloy with a professional black stain finish, adjustable up to 6.5ft/2m tall by 9.8ft/3m wide
  • Premium Backdrop: White,Black and Green; The Backdrop is made of 100% pure muslin cotton, durable and good vertical sense. Ideal for for television, video production and digital photography
  • Background Clips: Have a sturdy grip with gentle, pivoting pads that adjust to the grip surface. Small teeth on the inner diameter hold muslin cloth or paper backdrops in place for photo work
  • Carrying bag: Comes with a carrying bag, more convenient to carry

The Neewer B07FTG3SKZ is a great starter green screen kit.  The set includes stands, clamps and a travel bag. 

Measuring in at 6.5 x 9.8 feet, this screen is slightly bigger than average.  Streamers would be hard pressed to find a comparable kit at a comparable price, and it is highly recommended that those in doubt stop reading right now and go buy it!

Runner-Up: EMART B075VM76MV

  • This kit includes: (1)x Backdrop Stand Support System丨(1)x 6 x 9 ft Muslin Pure Cotton Green Screen Chromakey Backdrop Background丨(2)x 4.5 inch Heavy Duty Spring Backdrop Clamps丨(2)x 7 ft Photography Light Stand丨(2)x Lamp Holder丨(2)x White Umbrella丨(2)x 45W Studio Light Bulbs丨(1)x Carry Bag
  • Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Background Screen Kit, Ideal for Portraits & Object Product Shooting
  • 8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System + 6ft x 9ft Photography Backdrop + Backdrop Clamps: Quick and easy set up a backdrop kit, very suitable for heavy duty work, use with the clamps, can be prevented background slippage, the backdrop is seamless and weaving surface, crimped along the edge to prevent tears
  • 7ft Photography Light Stand + Single Head Photo Lighting Lamp Holder: Height adjust from 26.8’’ to 75’’. Max load capacity 13.5 lbs. Set up easily in a matter of seconds, perfect connection lamp holder and softbox. Single Head Photo Lighting Lamp Holder with E26/E27 Base, add bulbs and umbrellas
  • 33'' Photo Umbrella Reflector: Works well to diffuse the light from bulb, reflects and spreads light stream evenly,eliminates glare and spots丨45W Daylight 5500K Fluorescent Bulbs: Accurate Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80~85. Temperature: 5500K. No noise and no flicker. Average lifetime is 8,000 Hours

The EMART B075VM76MV is a great green screen kit for those who need all of the basics, plus better lighting.  While many streamers will have already purchased lighting, those who haven’t are in for a treat – this kit saves you some cash!  

If the top pick seemed like a good deal, but you also need lights to ensure a smooth chroma key for your stream, you can’t go wrong with this kit!

Budget Pick: LimoStudio AGG1338

LimoStudio AGG1338
  • ✨Contents: 6 x 9 ft. Green Muslin Backdrop / Ring Metal Holding Clip
  • ✨Size : 6 x 9 ft. / Made by Premium Fabricated Material
  • ✨Non-Gloss Surface | Lightweight
  • ✨5pcs of Backdrop Holders - Max. Load: 5lbs.
  • ✨*Light Stand & Cross Bar NOT Included

The LimoStudio AGG1338 is the cheapest green screen solution that is worth recommending.  While less-costly options do exist, they come with bad reviews and would effectively be a waste of money!  

This bare-bones offering comes with clips so streamers can use their own mounting hardware, hang from the ceiling, etc.  Save some money and be creative!

Easy to Use: GoodGamer Collapsible & Portable Webcam Backdrop

The GoodGamer Collapsible & Portable Webcam Backdrop costs more than the other green screen solutions on this list, but that extra cash provides a lot of flexibility!  This green screen slides onto your computer chair quickly and easily, and is therefore ideal for those who don’t want to deal with setting up a more elaborate screen.  

Also ideal for those who want to be able to rapidly remove their green screen, it’s easy to see why so many streamers would opt to spend a bit extra for a screen like this!

Best Portable: Neewer Collapsible Backdrop

Neewer Collapsible Backdrop
  • 6 x 9ft/1.8 x 2.8M Background, perfect for television, video production and digital photography.
  • Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung.
  • Finished along all edges to prevent tears.
  • Made of 100% pure polyester, good vertical sense and durable.
  • The backdrop is folded for easy transport. Because of the long-time transportation and storage, there will be some wrinkles which can be eliminated after unrolling and placing for half a day. The wrinkles can also be removed by washing and ironing, and the temperature cannot exceed 40℃.

The Neewer Collapsible Backdrop is a great pick for those who need to use their green screen in multiple locations.  Made from flexible materials, this screen can easily be tucked into a backpack or other small bag for travel.

While the unit does not include mounting hardware, it would be very easy to hang this lightweight screen with thumbtacks or pushpins.  Use your imagination!

Best Extra-Large: Issuntex 10X16 ft

Issuntex 10X16 ft
  • Size: 10X12ft (3X3.6M) Background,perfect for television,video production and digital photography
  • Soft fabric: High quality soft fabrics, effective wrinkle resistance
  • Non-gloss: Microfiber non reflective and non-gloss surface
  • Easy to instell: Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung
  • Easy to care: Simply dust off the surface and it will be ready to use.Machine washable.

The Issuntex 10X16 ft strikes a great balance between cost and size that is hard to beat!  If you need a bit more real estate to be covered by your green screen, it’s hard to go wrong with this one!

While this unit does not come with mounting hardware, it does feature a rod pocket at the head and foot of the screen, allowing for all sorts of mounting possibilities for those who are creative or who already have ideal mounting solutions.  Great savings come to those who are clever!

What to Look for in Cheap Green Screens for Streaming

All green screens are not alike, and that is especially true when you’re trying to find a great screen on a budget.  Luckily, there are a few things that streamers can focus on to ensure they’re getting a great deal at a great price:


The overall dimensions of the screen will play a large part in the cost, and streamers want to make sure they’re definitely getting enough screen while ensuring they aren’t wasting money on a screen that they won’t use.  Most standard kits will be 6 by 9 feet, but you can often save a few bucks by opting for a smaller size!


Green Screens come with all sorts of different mounting solutions and accessories.  Buying a kit that comes with the bare-minimum will ensure you aren’t paying more than necessary.  The cheapest kits will include nothing more than mounting clips – if you have a place to clip these, save yourself some cash by jury-rigging your green screen!


While most green screens are green (obviously), many also come in blue.  Blue screens are functionally identical to green screens if your software supports them (check to make sure before you buy) and are often dramatically cheaper.  Why not take the road less-travelled and save a few bucks?

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Thomas Bush