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Guide to Assetto Corsa Graphics Mods

Released in 2014, Assetto Corsa quickly became a favorite for those who enjoy high-quality sim racing games. To increase the realism, graphic mods can be added to mimic real-life racing conditions. 

Many gamers have found that Assetto Corsa offers a driving experience like no other, only improved when adding mods (or modulars). Graphic mods can change the weather and lights as well as add visual effects to the driving experience (such as sparks and smoke). Other examples of mods include car and track mods that give players the opportunity to change the type of car they are driving and the track configuration. 

Adding a specific mod to your Assetto Corsa game adds another level of realism for gamers who enjoy turning corners and pumping pedals. 

Assetto Corsa Graphic Mods

Want to change your daytime race to a nighttime event? How about adding some rain to make the asphalt a bit more slicker? We all know that weather conditions can create some dramatic races. 

Several Assetto Corsa mods give players the ability to change visual elements with a mouse click. It seems that every month there’s a new mod or updated version of a current mod that gives players a lot to tinker with so that each race is a unique experience.  

Overall, graphic mods have come a long way since the dawn of computers. Today’s graphic mods give the game a realistic look with improved shading and colorations. Let’s take a look at some must-have Assetto Corsa mods. 

Assetto Corsa Content Manager

Assetto Corsa designers custom-created this launcher and content management app for players to have more convenience in their gameplay. This mod gives players the ability to change game elements such as cars, tracks and weather, and even other applications all in one location.

Content Manager has a Lite version available that is free and comes with basic features listed here. Players can also donate any amount to get a key, enabling more features. 

Content Manager Features

  • Quick drive and career mode
  • Online mode with favorite and hidden servers
  • Real driving conditions
  • Race history results
  • Extended AC settings
  • Content rating and driving statistics

Content Manager Requirements

  • Installed Assetto Corsa
  • Windows Vista 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • .NET 4.5.2
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x86)
  • DirectX Runtime June 2010
  • DirectX 10/11 for 3D-related functions

Overall, Assetto Corsa’s content manager mod is a powerhouse modifier that gives players a more in-depth experience and takes the game to a whole new level. Drivers can download directly here or from Google Drive here

Custom Shader Patch

One of the earlier mods created for Assetto Corsa is the Custom Shader Patch. Developers created the Custom Shader Patch to add dynamic lighting to the game. Key features include weather effects and car extensions. Other features include: 

Custom Shader Patch Features

  • Lighting FX with dynamic lights
  • Particles FX that includes smoke and sparks
  • Various physics extensions
  • Car extensions that include turn signals and working odometers

Custom Shader Patch Requirements

  • Installed Assetto Corsa (v1.16.3/4 – 64-bit only)
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x86)

Custom Shader Patch is part of the Content Manager and is easily installed by selecting Settings, Custom Shader Patch. It’s free to install, and we recommend version v0.1.60 or later. 

Sol Mod

It seems that a lot of Assetto Corsa drivers have the sol mod; It’s one of the graphic mods that keep the game looking fresh and new no matter how many times you race. Sol is currently only available in single-player mode, but new features and enhancements are coming soon. 

Sol enhances the look of Assetto Corsa and gives the player the ability to adjust weather elements such as rain or thunder or change from day to night. It also adds better quality shading and a realistic look to the game. 

Sol Features

  • Create weather patterns
  • Add seasonality
  • Adjust day/night settings

Sol Requirements

  • Installed Assetto Corsa
  • Installed Content Manager
  • Installed Custom Shaders Patch

Weather conditions can impact the track and race conditions. Adding this mod gives drivers real-life conditions during their simulated race. Check out these instructions on downloading Sol for free; small donations are encouraged.  

Wet Mod

Similar to how the Sol mod adjusts lights and shade, Wet mod adjusts wet texture from rain or mist on the track. The Wet mod gives players a simulated reality unlike any other modifier. The new 2.0 version has new settings with native compatibility for Custom Shader Patch and Dynamic Lights. Other features include:

Wet Features

  • Enhanced realism for day and night time conditions
  • Double layered texture for wet tarmac and track conditions
  • Shadows fix
  • Custom PPfilters

Wet Requirements

  • Installed Assetto Corsa
  • Installed Content Manager

The Wet mod is available for players at racedepartment.com at no cost, but the developer does ask for a small donation. It is also important to keep in mind that Wed mod is currently not compatible with BLM Lights, although there are reports that this will be fixed soon. 

Natural Graphics Mod

Up until now, our Assetto Corsa graphic mods have all focused on weather. The Natural Graphics Mod optimizes the camera view and gives the player the best cockpit experience possible.

If you prefer the view of the driver instead of the camera, this graphic mod is a great choice. 

Natural Graphics Features

  • Best onboard view
  • No chromatic aberration, lens flares or auto exposure

Natural Graphics Requirements

  • Installed Assetto Corsa
  • Installed Content Manager

Once again, this is a free mod available on racedepartment.com; the developer does ask for a small donation if you feel so inclined. 

Other Assetto Corsa Mods

Custom Shader Patch, Sol, and Wet are just a few examples of graphic mods. Content Manager also allows players to install car and track mods to enhance game play. If there is a track you have always dreamed of racing, you can experience it with an almost lifelike racing simulation. 

Installing Assetto Corsa Mods

As long as you have the proper system requirements, after you decide which mod to add, you can install it right away. Most mods will typically come in a .zip or .rar file that are easily installed on any PC in the Assetto Corsa installation folder.  Here are step by step instructions to follow for installing Assetto Corsa Mods on a PC: 

  1. Find the mod link online and click to download
  2. Click the .rar or .zip file to open all content
  3. Drag all contents to your Assetto Corsa install folder
  4. If you are using Content Manager, drag all contents into the manager and select “install”

Usually a mod will come with Read Me files and installation guides that help to answer any question you may have about downloading and enjoying the mod. There are also several online forums with a helpful community to answer whatever question you may have. 

This racing simulation game is available on Playstation and XBox consoles as well, but all modifiers are only available on PC rigs. 

No matter what console you’re on, gamers can play solo or join the large online community for realistic competitive races. 

About Assetto Corsa

One of the best sim racing games on the market, Assetto Corsa brings realistic driving experiences to people’s homes and offices. It was created by Italian video game developer Kunos Simulazioni with an emphasis on racing experiences and customization. The ability to add modifiers helps to keep Assetto Corsa relevant since 2014 with players adding their own twist to the game. Every race is different when you have top quality graphic mods installed. 

Last Updated on April 26, 2021